A new cousin is born

My aunt had a 10 pound 1 ounce baby girl at 12 today. Don't worry, it wasn't a natural birth. The doctors were worried that the baby would get stuck. This birth also puts me at 2 for 2 in gender guessing. My dreams never lie, though people tend to laugh at them.
My brother and his family are here. Little Christian has his first teeth coming in, his fangs!He also does a funny smirk when I call him little minion.
As for Christmas, I got a new computer(my laptop sizzled and died) with a printer, some stuff from Bath and Body works, a digital camera, jewelry, money, a fuzzy blanket, and a ball of light that makes nature noises. For my dad, I bought a knife, imagine brass knuckles with three knives attached. It's so cool!!! One day the vast collection will be mine*drool*. I also found him a black and white pic of Bruce Lee on one of his movie sets. My mom got shoes that massage her feet and a genie lamp for her collection.
This year for New Years, my parents want to go out for dinner because no family is coming down for the first time in years.

A New Discovery: I recently found out that I was never baptized as a baby, I was only "Presented to God." I'm the only person in the family to have had this because my brother was baptized when he first entered the Air Force. This is an interesting way for me to begin a new year.


Happy Solstice & Merry Christmas

I would also like to wish my Tio Jesus(everybody calls him Papo) a happy Birthday.


Butterflies on the moon

A quick room update: The curtains aren't velvet as I wanted, but they are black with silver moons and stars. My parents put the futon from the old guest room into my/guest room, so it now has a couch on which I am putting black and silver pillows with silver butterflies on them, not my choice.
Anyway, DJ stopped by the house yesterday and we talked for a little while and exchanged numbers because neither one had the other. Unfortunately, I gave him my old cell number. I also saw Jamie on Friday and met her boyfriend(I'll only say this: she manages to find the most interesting people to love). We ran into some dude at BAM who she knew but I didn't. After we left, she told me that he thought I was "exceptionally cute". I hope that by the tenth guy, one of them will say something to my face(3 boys since college started).*sigh* That's all in my life. LATER
*Note to Peter: When are you coming to Columbus for a visit?



I've been out of school for a week now and am ready to go back I'm ready to go back I'm so bored, but can't go back till Jan 9. The Thur-Wed at my brother's house was fun, but the two days at my parent's house is boring because I haven't been doing anything. I must describe my/guest room, it's nice. One wall is black(about time), the other three are orange/peach/tan depending on the light and who's looking at it, a ceiling fan, all my posters are framed, my tapestry is getting put up soon(unless my parents take it for the living room), porcelain dolls on both sides of the bed, while my black wings are on a mirror background framed in black painted wood and the halo over it, and the floor is a fake black marble with matching sheets. I'm going to make black, maybe velvet, curtains for the window. They made my dream room AFTER I leave. My dad redid the kitchen and they completed the weight/knife room.
Now for school: 4 As and 2 Bs at the end which was a complete surprise because I was expecting 2 Cs. Next Semester: Economics, English, College Algebra, Geography, and Geology. Except for English at 4(which I didn't have a choice in), my classes end at 1:00. I also have a nice gap between classes, so I'm happy. That's everything in my life.



Sorry I couldn't join the group for Thanksgiving, I went up North. It was alright, I didn't get to bake*tear* That's all I wanted to do. Oh well, went to Washington D.C. for a couple of hours on the way home. They have fat squirrels there. Jenna(sis-in-law) and I named all but one Chubs, the extra one we named Sqog, because he was a big black squirrel that looked like a squirrel-dog mix. My finals are all next week, one a day until Thursday, my dad is graduating from internet college next Thursday(12/16), and members of the family got food poisoning from the meat in their Wendy's burgers(LOL, silly meateaters). I know it's mean, but I warned them not to eat fast food.
That's everything. LATER



Smiling Winner
You are the Smiling Winner!
As you emerge from a previous Battle Royale coated
in blood and clutching your dolly to your
chest, you look to all of the flashing lights
of the cameras and the television reporters.
Military push people aside to give you room to
walk as your small feet pad silently against
the blood stained dirt. Your matted hair
dangles in your face as you slowly tilt your
gaze to the cameras...and smile. Madness always
takes it's toll. Have the correct change.

Which Battle Royale Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Puck would be my dolly.
I'll add a couple more later.


Guess I should Update

I watched horror movies and the nightmare before Christmas for Samhain/Halloween. My parents came down for family weekend the same weekend. Had to go home this passed weekend to get my car fixed. Didn't tell anybody because I needed to be alone. Going home this coming weekend for my mom's b-day, so tell me if you want to do anything(thurs night-sun noon). Signed up for classes today. English, Math, Geology, Economics, Geography, and Equestrian(horse-back riding)-16 hours. I may look for other classes to add. Only a partial vegetarian, parents still trying to make me eat all meats- eat fish for much needed protein. Went down a size in pants. Will post pictures as soon as I figure out the web cam. Got a new phone, CD, and laptop. Getting a sewing machine and digital camera(hopefully for Yule). People here still mess with me because I'm different, oh well. That's everything. LATER
Update: I decided not to do the horse back riding because it cost money and would be from 6 to 8 at night. which puts me at 15 hours.
P.S. I'm officially a member of the clergy for the Church of Spiritual Humanism, which means I can do weddings, baptisms, and funerals :P


Political Statement

For the past few days, some jackass has been erasing my Samhain count down and removing Katie's Bush bumper sticker(don't like Bush, but it's still wrong) from the door. I got sick of it today and have duck taped everything to my door, including the part of the Bill of Rights that says stuff about freedom of religion and speech. I'm also working on a larger sign to count down to Samhain. Others are duck taping things to their doors too. Unless the person knows four different schedules, nothings coming down (I'm working on other holidays).
Anyway, onto my Halloween costume- I'm wearing a skirt, a pretty shirt, knee high platform boots, fangs, horns, and a cloak. The cloak had one of those stupid string-ties, so I replaced it with one made of hematite. It's all black or silver.
A few days ago, a girl calling me retarded because I wasn't a Christian. Me and her had a talk. We understand each other now, and are becoming close friends, it’s nice. She still worries about me sometimes, but that's for different reasons (I'm special!!) ;P


Life is vapor

Nothing lasts forever. I spent the weekend at my brother's house and played with my nephew. He's going to be a minion, he has my smirk and only does it when something is about to happen. My parents came with Fluffy, it was good to see her. I also got to meet Butters, a dog that smiles when you say his name. I didn't do too much, but I went to the mall and got my my fangs. They are the normal ones, but I'm going to by the shredders sometime in my future. Happiness and tranquility never lasts. I left early on Sunday, would have left Monday morning, but I had a group presentation in my morning class and knew that my group wouldn't have it done(sounds mean, but you don't know my group). I was right, they didn't even take all the pictures, and I did all but ten!Ten pictures between three people isn't that hard. In the process of getting the pictures, I made a lady feel special, I called her a goddess and said that I worship the lab she works in for getting the pictures done in a half an hour.
I had another weird dream the day before I left for my brother's house(Wednesday night). It was really short. Anyway, everybody was in it and they were separated into two groups, some in Geimer's car, the rest in my car, but Peter was driving my car and I was walking. So Peter and Geimer would drive a few feet and I would jog and meet them, then they would drive a few feet more and I would do some more jogging. That was my entire dream, but the weird thing is that I woke up and my legs were actually hurting. I think I figured it out, it only happens when somebody insults Puck, he doesn't like it, I guess.



This week is only at the half way point and I've had weird dreams that a psychology major couldn't answer(I asked). #1 happened Saturday/ Sunday morning- My bro cheats on his wife with some guy's girlfriend and the guy said that he can sleep with my bro's wife, but gets a no, so he pulls out a gun, they get into a fight, and the guy gets shot in the shoulder. My brother is like holy shit, we gotta get him to the hospital and then we're in a car driving to Atlanta- me driving, a random girl next to me, my bro in the back next to the guy, and my dog, who got injured and was bleeding. The car stalls, so we take a shortcut through the woods and run into a random couple, who let us borrow their car, a red thunderbird. Somehow, before we got into the car, we lose the guy and my dog gets decapitated, but the head is still alive and eating food, the girl told me not to worry that she'll(my dog) be fine. We get to Atlanta, and have to cross a bridge, the area around the city was flooded. We get to the hospital/veterinarian's office(it's a two in one). My dad is there, something is up with my mom. Anyway, we realize that we forgot my dog's body so my dad went to get it, because we didn't put it on ice. So my dad leaves and Katie's wakes me up going "oh shit, I'm late for church!"
#2 happened this morning- I'm in a contest to get a BAM giftcard and the final part of the contest is to make it down an obstacle course without falling into water which is full of tiger sharks and jellyfish. The course is two stories up and made of wood, there are two stepping spots, a small round stump and another that goes in a sharp slant, and then you have to shimmy down a giant log. Seems easy, but nobody was able to do it. Because I got the closest I won, but nobody wanted to come in the water to get me. Then I'm at some coffee shop with Quita and the random girl from dream #1. I tried to put a disc in a laptop, even though the monk(a Buddhist monk, I think) told me not to, and I got electrocuted. As I was losing consciousness, I heard him say something like not anyone can reach his secrets so easily. Why are my dreams so vivid and why aren't they good? I was told that it could mean I'm mentally disturbed in some way and need some help, but I don't want that. Who the hell is that girl?I've never seen anybody who look like her or had her voice, it was very calming. And the monk? I'll admit, I'm reading a Buddhist book, but this hasn't happened before, so why now? Who is the he the Buddhist monk talked about? LATER


I'm stuck in the Boro

So I got stuck here this weekend for two reasons: 1) a hurricane is coming and the ability to get back is uncertain, 2) My parents took a bunch of money out of my account, so I have nothing. My parents will make it up to me though, I'm getting contacts, a cloak, and scarecrow fangs(shredder or x-tra long?). My dad is getting kicked out the army in October, but they're going to turn in a different ID card for me, so I can still shop on post. I'm going to visit my brother in a couple of weekends, he sold almost all of his dogs(3 left from 10) and is working on the cats. I think that's everything here. LATER

UPDATE: Classes got cancelled, the hurricane hit Sunday night, Monday morning. Nobody's trying to drive anywhere they don't deem needed. I'm working on a paper and studying. They tried to scare some students by saying we were going to have to go to class anyway. I won a $250 hooded velvet cloak on ebay for $25! LATER.


I finally went to the Club

I had a good time on Thursday. At least until some drunk dude swiped his hand across my chest and another tried to grind on me*shivers*, but that was near the end. I ended up being the defender of the girls dancing my way to those I knew and cutting some drunk asshole off. A couple of guys gave me looks of hatred and I just smiled. Ah, grief and anger*evil cackle*. I think I'm going to wear fangs the next time I go. Grief, anger, and fear, Yes!!!Anyway, on the stage there was soft core porn. Girls humping and kissing each other(for free drinks), I think a couple actually starting fingering each other. I actually stopped at one point and was like "they are not doing what I think they're doing. Oh my God!"I turned away from the stage after that. I had lots of fun dancing and singing and hanging out. I'm glad I didn't have classes on Friday as I didn't sleep until 5:00 in the morning.
I think I'm going home this weekend or next weekend, but I know I'm going to my brother's house in October. I'm cancelling the previous statement, I'm going to Japan Fest this weekend. Hopefully it will be better than last year. The Japan club is going. Anybody else?
I just finished my history test and I'm now gonna drown my tears in Butter Pecan ice cream(damn essay tests!) LATER.

P.S.: Can somebody please change my blog? I hate how it looks!:(


Shamans, Wiccans, and Cursed Ground

I recently found out something that explains my moodiness, weird dreams, and the driving desire to keep Puck next to me as I sleep. As it turns out, the entire county Georgia Southern is on was cursed by 13 shamans before Georgia became a colony then by 13 Covens when they were at war with each other. As it turns out, I'm not really welcomed on this land and that explains why I've been trying to find blessing spells all over the internet. How does this happen to me? LATER


New Moon

Is anybody really reading this site?
I feel really isolated from everything going on in other places. I look at everybody's blogs whenever possible even though I don't leave comments, so keep updating please!!! I wish for T.N.T. and anti-prom. Must go now. LATER.



Can somebody please change the layout of this blog?! I wish somebody would teach me. I'm back and classes continue, despite the down pour and the fact that umbrellas are breaking in record speed. I got an A- on my first paper in English. I think the Chaput was happy that I stated the uselessness of ideologies. My life is so boring, maybe I'll join the people at the bar tonight. I'll save it for Thursday. A group of girls want to give me a makeover, which includes skirts and p-I-n-k*shiver* Can't spell that word without loathing the people who made it popular. Anyway, this weekend: got my hair straightened, had spaghetti with a shitaki & portabello mushroom sauce(yumminess!), saw Alien v Predator, and ran into a couple of people. That's it . LATER
PS: I got my tires changed, it turns out the flat came first, which caused me to skid out of control.


Another attempt at updating

The blog is being picky. Anyway, I drove home yesterday. On the way, I got stuck in a storm, hydroplaned, skidded to the other side(middle section), and slashed the tire. The tire remained unknown till I tried to drive again. My parents were on there way. What did you expect, they had to know and I was in the middle of nowhere. I ended up replacing the tire with the help of a trooper named Clinton. I couldn't drive above 50mph, turning a 3 hour trip into a 5+ hour trip. I met my parents in Fort Valley(because they were paranoid) and got home around 10:30. This morning, I woke up and went to get my hair professionally straightened, then met my parents for lunch. I think that's everything. LATER.


Satan's right hand man is a brownie!!

I recently joined a wiccan organization on the web. Yesterday I had to go to the health center because I felt( and still feel) sick. They told me my allergies mixed with a cold. This week started out so interesting. On Monday, I decided to eat in the cafeteria, but didn't want to eat alone, so I sat with a random girl. We talked for 10 minutes and her friends even joined us before I said, "by the way, my name is Ivette." Her friend gave the look of what. It amused me. On Tuesday there was an student organization/job fair. I signed up for so much stuff. Wednesday, I went to the Gay Straight Alliance meeting, their doing a volleyball game next Wednesday. I think getting sick is my body saying slow down. I've got new quizzes(I've been slow enough):

The Jackal
The Jackal

What sign of the Black Zodiac are you?
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I'm Satan's right hand man. Anyway, no matter which you get, check the others.

Brownie- Your like a brownie you melt on people and
people stick to you your kind and affectionate.
Your a good listener whether you know it or not
and people look up to you no matter how they
act everybody has a place for you in their

JUNK FOOD QUIZ! What junk best describes you?
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Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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You are a Siren. More adventurous than all with a
voice like no other you sit on warm rocks and
sing to the moon and sea. Yet sometimes
shipwrecks find you and raving men want you.
You are a bottle of talent and power. What the
unknown is you seek to find, and a lover. You
have the moon and stars as friends. There are a
very few of you, what a rare find. Will you
rate my quiz, I think your voice in just

What kind of mermaid are you? (Gorgeous Pics)
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That's all for now. LATER


The First Week of School

Damn it's only the second week. I want things to hurry up. I need to start working on those papers. Anyway, the first week is over. All the teachers gave the date when every assignment is due, which is cool. I think I'm going to minor in religious studies. I've met different people and Saturday went out with the only group of nondrinkers I've been able to find. Which works for me. We went to a Japanese restaurant called Nikko, then to a guy's house to watch movies. Yesterday, I was up until 2:00. A girl's roommate had her boyfriend over and they were doing stuff while the poor girl was still in the room!! She would've spent the night in my room, but Katie and I encouraged her to do something about it. I was for getting a group to go in and remove the mattress(public humiliation!) or putting Puck in there(Yes he's here with me), but two guy friends got her to go in and kick the dude out.
I've also met the only other person on campus who knows about Invader Zim. She's pretty cool and in my intro to religion class. It's nice, she's also into studying languages, fictional ones, like elvish language, but still. Maybe she can teach me. She showed me a comic called Sluggy Freelance. I like bun-bun, the mini lop. Read the comic and see why!!
I'm going to be in Columbus on Labor Day weekend. That's all for now. LATER


I went to Church on Sunday

I'm here and I'm actually trying to be friendly around here. Any time somebody stops by I offer them something to eat or drink. I've also met some new people to hang out with, but it's nothing like the group back home.
I think mom and dad would be surprised to see how clean I have kept everything( it's only been four days, but I'm one of the cleanest people in the hall) and how I have been eating healthy.

I went to church on Sunday. A black church in the middle of nowhere. I stood out, but it was interesting. There was so much music and dancing and the preacher would yell like he could stop the apocalypse with his voice. He even has some psychic ability(words given to him by God). They made me feel like I was welcome and were all huggy, kinda like my family in Puerto Rico. Most of the time, I looked at the people around me, the dude in the all pink suit and the lady in the grey outfit who would jump and dance and run around the room when the music started, and the dude in blue who would raise his hands so God may touch them. I looked at the building, small but cozy with long thin windows and door in the back guarded by two men, a pew with few decorations on it. Then he said the funniest things about the pure and the impure. Gold and silver, according the Bible, are pure, while wood and earth are not. This seemed funny to me because the purest form of silver and gold comes only from the impure earth. Once man has gotten it to turn it into something it will be tainted. That means that the most pure person is not the one who goes to church but the one who is of the world and lives in the world without letting it get to them. Confused? Well I can't explain it much more, I have class. LATER.


See ya around

Well I'm packed up and ready to go. Not looking forward to the ride, my mom will be in the car with me and she yells. The car has no AC, but a fan was just put in(yea!). I'll miss everybody!!!!!!! LATER.



Back from my brother's house. My uncle came on Saturday just to see his great-nephew. He was such an asshole, my mom got into a fight with him on the phone after he left. The next 3 days were spent working on the house(putting in wood floors in the living room, tile in the dining room, and dog proofing the outside). This included my b-day, which was then taken by one of Jenna's sister who shared the same day. Nobody told them about me, so they only had meat, which surprised me because they had pet pigs and chickens, were buying goats, and looking for a farm. Went to Mrytle Beach and didn't get sunburned. We got to the beach at 5:00 pm and stayed for an hour. Nobody wanted to play in the water, but I finally got to bury somebody in the sand.
Now for a full description of my nephew. He's a vampire baby!!!!!!!!!!!! He has beautiful eyes with variations from dark blue to dark green and sometimes grey. He looks like his mother when she was a baby. Rarely cries(like me as a baby), already trying to move, and trying to focus. That's everything. LATER.
**Special note: Fluffy's on medication and Christian got ringworm from his granny's cats, and everybody's checking for it .**


Shut the fuck up...

...one day I'll have the ability to say it to my mom and the speed to run away. I just needed an outlet for the rage building up at this time.
I'm also having difficulty telling them the dreams I've been having. How exactly do you tell you parents you have a dream where you beat them to death and buried them in the dining room, but in the process of burying them in the dining room you found an empty box of cereal(cheerios) which brought up the memory of a blonde haired woman who did the same thing except it was to her children and husband. It was so fucking creepy. That's not the only dream dealing with them. Before yesterday's dream, I had a dream that we were at a festival and I was walking around, through flee markets and around a parade where gold coins were thrown. Anyway, I got to this bridge and my parents met me there in the white car, but an old guy was driving the car. My dad came out of the car and asked "where's fluffy?" She was below the bridge. She climbed out and a triangle formed- me, my dad, and Fluffy. Something is going to happen to my family. I need to understand everything, if it really means what I'm getting. I don't think I can stand waking up with tears another morning. LATER
SIDE NOTE TO KALAN: I meant that you were very happy, not that you would skip around.


A wierd update

A few entrees back(6/16 I think) I talked about a wierd dream taking place in the airport. Well it continued this morning( I fell asleep at 1:00). We went to France, and were playing around in an old house with chipping white paint and two or three floors. Everybody was there except lauren( don't know why, maybe an exception). We're going through the hall on the top floor. In one room Ashely( yes Ashely, from Japanese class) is sitting down playing a game with some people and Peter was like "that bitch , she got us in trouble last time." We almost weren't allowed to go on this trip because of what was going on in the room at the airport. Anyway, we went passed them into another room which was dark and creepy then into a room that was empty. Geimer was walking around with a cane that had a jewel on it(pimp cane?) and a game started with everybody stealing the cane from who ever had it. There was something about the room that made everybody strangely happy( Kalan and Quita were skipping). Something bad happened. A moment of great happiness then sudden and great pain. Sounds like a prediction, doesn't it? Not as good as Ms. Cleo,  but just as vague. LATER.


He's Here

Christian Manuel Rodriguez- Born 18 July 2004 at 2:50 am; Weight- 6lbs. 9oz.  19 in. long
He is a has the skin of his mother(but he may darken), the hair of his father(dark brown and forming curls), and blue eyes for right now. I'm going to see him the first week of August, which may be a problem depending on when Peter comes for a visit.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUITA!!!! I called her this morning, but nothing wrong with saying it again. I'll give you your gift when I see you. Sorry you had to work!
I got a 3 on the AP exam.
Fortune cookie thought: Don't count your chickens before they hatch. I'm fearing the rest of the week. Not so deep, but it's my thoughts. 


Third time's a charm

My sister-in-law is on her way to the hospital for the third time, this is my third attempt to write a blog entry, and this is my third day back in the office. Get the picture.

Well yeah, I think the doctors are going to get annoyed and force the baby out. My mom is on the phone interrogating my poor brother. I should help or something, but have no true experience. I'll update and invite everybody over to my house or something when he's born.

The true reason for the blog. I told my mom I would mention the receptionist job(mom job). It'll be open in August. Ron is pretty flexible. You would type, answer the phones, file, run errands, and be the first person people see when they walk on the door. You cannot cuss people out(fake happy), look like you have nothing to do, or play online games. If you want the job, leave a comment. I have mentioned it.
Next item, I WANT TO SEE THE GROUP! That's my birthday/leaving for college wish.

Fortune Cookie Thought: every person in the world has one person who thinks about them at least once a day.


My family's path

I've get to get this off my chest.
It deals with my family, go figure. I'm the freak of the family in so many ways!!!
The Explanation:
I have no problem having people eating meat around me. I just want a little support in my decisions. Don't ask if I want a bite of the hamburger. The answer is no. Also a warning would be nice for food that has had meat in it. For the second time, my dad has gotten me sick by giving me the food and taking out the meat, but not telling me(I avoid the kitchen when they're cooking out of being polite). My mom is like just eat it and there won't be any problems. They don't like change. There's the family path- get married young(before 25) join/marry a man in(for the women) a government agency, and have a baby soon after marriage. Everybody is in some form of Christianity and they can't live without meat, my uncle said he was going to be a vegetarian, but didn't last two hours(literally, my grandma made his favorite meat dish). I feel better with this realization. LATER.


Back from my brother's house. Didn't do much, I didn't even get time to be alone with Rob. This was the most annoying because that's when he tells me what he really thinks about everything going on. I know something is bothering him and that's bothering me. It's more than Christian, who's coming any day now, and the animals, he's distant. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
I'm back to my research of everything supernatural and occult. I need something to fill my days. I feel something brewing, more than college and those changes. It bothers me, so I research other things to keep from thinking about it.::sighs::I don't know what else to do.
I want to go outside to watch the sunset and listen to the coming storm, but my parents are outside working and they will ask too many questions. They think any change in me is cause for worry. I want to go into the country, but during the night. I want to be swallowed by shadows and sit in silence. The shadows of the cave before it was touched by humans. I see it as it should be and shiver at the thought of perfection in darkness, or maybe ignorance. You can't see it, the dirt or evil or whatever it should be called, therefore it is perfection until the light and noise come. Does that make one perfect? Does that make one a nothingness? Does that make for another form of death? A death without dying. Stuff to ponder. I think and want too much. LATER.


In a few hours I will begin a six hour car ride with my parents to my brother's house. I could have gone to Panama City if I so chose, but my parents would like that too much. At my brother's house, they will be put to work cooking and helping in renovation projects. I will be allowed to lie around because I just get in the way. A useless creation.For the past two weeks I have been unable to leave the house 1) My car was put in the shop to try and get the air conditioner fixed and my parents needed their cars, 2)I had my wisdom teeth removed, 3) When the swelling finally went down on the right side of my face(only the right side became swollen),I twisted my ankle, 4) the swelling went down ankle, then the stuff to keep food out were removed and the doctor poked me in the gum and I may now have dry socket. It wouldn't have changed much, I always try to disappear during the summer. I thrive in isolation for some reason. Anyway I need to go pack. LATER


This past Saturday, I met my roommate, Katie. We played skeeball for a half an hour and got to know each other. She told me she didn't want to room with one of her friends because it may break the friendship. I told her none of my friends were coming. She was like "oh." I told her I don't eat meat, she was on the Atkins diet. I'm like that's cool, but she's like I won't eat meat in front of you. I told her I don't like too many bright colors, she showed up in a bright green t-shirt and bought a bright pink curtain for the closet. This is going to be interesting. I think everything will be fine once she figures out how relaxed I am about things.
I'm kind of pissed off at my mom. She told me since the middle of the year that I would have a job. I did everything I needed to do in a week and a half. I spent two days just sitting on my ass then just said if you need me call me. I AM SO BORED. I keep getting told this summer will just fly by, it's going so fucking slow.
Anyway I had this weird dream that deals with the group. I'm in an airport with the entire school is there, but I'm looking for the group because the plane is about to leave and the security was doing a drug check, but I couldn't find any of you guys. I ran the entire airport and right before I got to the final room I woke up. I got the feeling everybody was there.
I think that's it. LATER


I'm back from the GA Southern orienation and for right now I have the perfect schedule. Nothing comes before 10, at least a half an hour gap, and no classes on Friday. But that's not official. Anyway the entire experiance was creepy. All these happy people. Almost all the girls looked soo skinny, I was worrying about falling and crushing one of them. The school has a huge and just about everything is walking distance from my dorm. The library is open 24/7. I signed up for this program for minority students and made a couple of friends, which was cool. I have to go to work. LATER!!!! PS: I couldn't stand the green anymore and needed to change the looked.


Ok, unless I get different information, nothing is happening on Thursday. For those people who want to go to the movies on Friday, I'm going to get my ticket tomorrow, so if you want me to get you one and just pay me back later let me know.

Today marks a month without meat!!! I've been demoted at work to filing for the moment, but that's fine with me. My roommate and I have been e-mailing each other. She's seems cool. We're trying to arrange a meeting, sometime before getting to the dorms.
I thinks that's everything. LATER.


I'm back from Six Flags. It was all good, until the final rollercoster. At first the seat was too loose and I almost fell out during the ride. Then at the end, while everybody got off, my seat remained locked, but nobody listened to me and kept pushing it down. It stayed like that and they almost couldn't unlock it with the key, which was stupidly made, so one has to stick a rod through a little hoop which is hard to get when somebody is in the seat. I was wondering why the lady before me was crying, I felt like crying. Anyway, I totally recommend Superman, you lie down and look at the ground or the sky, not the tracks. It's so cool.

Special AnnoucemenT: ThurSday, Harry Potter marathon(I think it's still on, somebody please tell me!!!) and Friday at 4:30 at the new theater, Harry Potter 3. You can come to both or pick one.
I think that's all. LATER


Alright people, I have heard very little from many of you people and it makes me sad Are we or aren't we keeping T.N.T. around? Is it going to move to a different date? We need to find days that intercept if that's true.
Anyway here's an open invite: Six Flags($42.99- 34.99 on-line) or White Water( $29.99- $26.99 on-line) or both on Saturday. Six Flags has the offer of bringing in a coke can and get a free ticket when you buy one.
Do what you want with this information, that's where I'm going.


Alright, graduation is over with and I finished my first day at work. The best news of all...there are no extra people in the house and I got my room back! It's nice to see my family and all, but I would prefer them stay @ a hotel or something during the night. Anyway, after work I went shopping for some office clothes, then I came home and finally e-mailed the person who may be my room mate, as well as my brother. Finally I would like to thank those who came to the BBQ and say to Peter: you missed the only person who would have commented on your shirt to your face, except in Spanish. I'm going to bring some of the roast pork, which my mom froze, for everybody to try on Thursday, but it will take about an hour at low temperature to reheat(that's what my dad told me to do) Speaking of Thursday, I'll be there at 5:30-6:00, so please call me if you guys are going to be some place else. That's all for now.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!Peace!!!


SPECIAL NOTE: This entire week will hold my complaints

I can't get into an account on GA Southern because it was cancelled because of one too many attempts made by the only other people permanetly living in this house, but they shall remain nameless. They put the same password I put in over and over again because your only allowed a number of letters or numbers and they try to add stuff, instead of leaving it and me alone. I want out of this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Later


Nobody is here yet and I already wish them gone. This is suppose to be about what I feel at the moment, but, for them, I must play a happy hostess. I resign to screaming only in my head as this time is used for birthday parties and special annoucements, then, for just Saturday, they celebrate my graduation. They even planned everything in such a way that I will barely ever see them because I'm in school, they leave next Sunday. Later


Wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!It's new and different!!!!!
I had nothing to do during lunch so I decided to do a quick update. Starting Saturday my house will be filled beyond capacity and by next Friday, I'm getting sent to my neighbor's house because mine will be over stuffed with people. I just found out that another aunt will be coming by and she has five kids, no clue where they're going to stay. My dad came during second block to remind me to get the extra tickets, they just don't trust me. Yeah, that's it in my life. It's so boring @ home!!!!!!!!!! Blessed Be!!!!!!!Peace!!!!


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yeah it's been a wee bit of time since i updated, so here it goes. Mad Mad house is over and Jaime, the stripper won. I've been having issues with my sinuses and those quizzes raise interesting questions within me. Am i really all that violent? I have tons of restraint otherwise i would have been the real life Jason or something.i am not the dog of satan and i have no plans to swear allegiance to the dark lord, but i have contradicted the catholic church, but i do not blaspheme the Lords name. Oh well, it doesn't matter, i have a headache now. That's all for now.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's been awhile since I've updated. I'll start with mad mad house, which is about to end in such a disappointing way. None of the three are ones that I wanted to win, but there's nothing I can do about it. I will say that my parents don't mind me staying out until 11:30 and watch until the end. My parents came back Friday at about 9:00 pm, right after I got back from Cheddars, which was pretty good, they make good mudslides (it was nonalcoholic). They brought back three porcelain doll-a native American boy doll from Texas,one big doll with long feathers on it, and a small one in a tiger costume. Anyway, the foreign language fair on Saturday was fun. I don't know CSU very well, so Peter had to meet me in the parking lot. I talked to people, kicked some ass in a card game, getting 4,000 yen. MY kite didn't win, but that was just fine with me, hope Helen doesn't mind if I keep it. My parents left for August today for a doctor's appointment at 6:30 in the morning. Hopefully it will get him a higher disability rating, he's at 20% right now. I think that's all for now.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Easter!!!!

I'll start with Thursday. It was lots of fun, as usual. I'll work on DDR. On Friday, my parents decided to not go to Six Flags because of the chance of rain, but there was no rain Friday or Saturday. On Saturday, I got to try the stuffed french toast from IHOP. It's soo good. Then I went to the farmers market. They sell stuff at a nice price. I've been working on some projects that I may present on boards night. Anyway, I've been keeping contact with my brother in Kuwait. Somebody has been insulting him about his wife and my parents have been giving him some very stupid suggestions. Get the guy to throw the first punch then beat him up, stupid insults to give to the guy if he says stuff. I asked him the only questions they didn't, has he told the guy that he isn't funny? No. Is the guy higher ranking? He didn't answer. Does the guy have many friends? No answer again. He wanted to "drop hints when his friends are around and have them tell the guy. I'll update more later, my dad wants the computer.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!Peace!!!


My shoulders are sooo burnt from yesterday. Kalan, Catherine, and I walked around for about an hour. It was fun. Now for an explanation on why I don't go outside to often. The sun literally drains me, I can't handle it, hence whenever I go out I get burn, no matter how much sunblock I where. I went home had dinner and fell asleep on the couch until DJ called, he wanted me to call him back when I was fully awake, but I fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 1:00.
Which brings me to some bizarre dreams. There are two that I can remember. One took place with my house in one of those t.v. suburban areas and the animal, with the exception of those if my backyard, were constipated because the lady across the street fed them paint (if they can't take a crap then there are no messes to clean up). She came over to my house with an offer to help me deal with my pets and was about to do a demonstration on Wendy, my brother's chihauhua, but I beat the shit out of her. Then my parents called me inside to eat Taco Bell for dinner and some people that I knew for New Jersey were there. This disturbed me because I haven't seen/thought of them in about a year. They were talking to me, but I couldn't say anything back, just give hand signals. The other had everybody, even Natasha in it, but was so weird for me, I'm not going into it. That's all for now
Blesses Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!Peace!!


My parents gave me an early graduation gift today. A new car radio with a CD player!!! If I fail a class, they're taking it back. I'm not worried. They also gave me an $80 dollar gift certificate to Best Buy. I'm going shopping. I don't know what to get! My dad also cleaned my car, but that was just because he didn't want to go anyway in a car with some dolls in it.
My mom was happy with the finding of the scholarships, she's just making me go to her job to work on them because she doesn't want to buy printer ink. I'm spending most of today getting ready for tomorrow, finding the right supplies and cleansing them. Hopefully I can remember everything.
Peter says he just has to put the html stuff on and my new layout will be complete. That's all for now.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!!Peace!!!


I have found four different scholarships. Hopefully that'll make my parents happy. On to the quick recap of Mad Mad House. We were able to have TNT, Geimer and I went to the NHS induction and scared several people. Afterward we went to Peter's and watched Mad Mad House. Tim was finally taken out, yeah!!!!! Don said did something funny, he made it look like he was going to try to eliminate the person who was immuned*snicker* The thing that Art did with hanging from the ceiling was awesome. I kind of felt sorry for Nicole, almost everybody is against her, it doesn't matter what she acts like, but they're taking it a bit out of proportion and if they take her out the others will try to do it again. Actually, it would be kind of funny because it would be guaranteed to blow up in their faces.
Just a reminder to everybody coming to Sunday's picnic: bring dirt.
If possible why don't you guys bring your favorite incense.
That's all for now.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Peace!


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Alright, I have several forms of protection spells, but we need to decide what we're going to do and soon, the next full moon is coming. One of the spells requires the eve of the full moon, which is April 4. I think it can be made to last, but we need to get together to plan it. We also need to get documented interviews done, so we know what to expect. I'm still trying to find something that will help us find what we're looking for.
*List of supplies needed:
1 candle for each person involved (your choice in color)
3 white candles
6 black candles
1 very big candle
Sage incense
Any glass jar with a lid( one for each person)
Sharp object (anything you find around the house)
Flower petals (preferably those given as a gift)
If you find any of these things around your house or know where I can find a spray to remove candle wax from a mold without destroying the candle, let me know. I'll bring the spells tomorrowrow.

*Note: The Dittany of Crete, according to some folklore, will allow some spirits to be seen in the smoke, worth a shot.
I've done my part of this adventure; just tell me when and where.


I’ll do a quick update on mad mad house then do the more important stuff. Last Thursday in the house, the alts kicked out Brent (excellent) and this passed Thursday, they kicked out bonnie (*tear*). Last Thursday marked the beginning of tnt (Thursday night tradition)- going out to eat then to Peter’s house to watch mad mad house. Anyway, the more important stuff. I recently (today) joined the foundation of paranormal research(click here ). It has some good informtion on ghosts, but sucks on actual information on cryptozoology. It also has a list of some things to remember and equipment needed. I think it would be a good idea to get as few people to go as possible, so if you feel the least bit unconfortable don’t go. This all depends on if we actually do it, but I’ve been working on spells and finding herbs and things that should help us in not only protection, but in seeing anything paranormal for if we do go. The following information will help in our search (those who wish to come with):
Best days: Tuesday or Saturday
Moon Phase: Full Moon, waning moon
Colors: white, yellow, or black
Numbers: 2,7, or 8
Crystal: Diamond, Citrine, or Lapis Lazuli
Non-crystal: Jade, Topaz
Herbs: Dittany of Crete, Sandalwood (I have incense and burning oil)
*Note on Dittany of Crete: I don’t have anything like it around my house. If you find some, let me know.

I’m trying to find a way to make it so they can be seen, but we don’t get attacked. I’ll keep you updated on it.
As of now, I have a spell for emergency extra protection.
That's all for now. Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!! Peace!


LAME PHRASE OF THE DAY:"Don't snap at me." my mom

this has got to be the most i've ever updated in a short amount of time. anyway, my parents are redoing my bathroom. emphasis going on my because i have no say in it except to say gee that looks fine. everything i wanted has been slowly taken out, they won't make little clouds as a border or diamond shapes on the floor, those are the only things that i requested after they showed me everything. the phrase above came at midnight, so it counts for today. it came after i stepped on the pointed end of the hammer and complained that i couldn't see where i was going. that's everything i have to say for now. Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!!!Peace!


LAME PHRASE OF THE DAY: " You're spending too much time with your friends." my dad

i'll start with mad mad house then i'll explain above phrase. this mad mad house had a wiccan ritual to be released of the things that bring fear or anger. only two people didn't get involved (loana and brent). i hope they get kicked off soon. my personal favorite right now is bonnie, she's such a cool old lady, despite the fact that she didn't get involved in the change. the one this time was a matching game with naked people. under a loin clothe of a bunch of different people, men and women, was a random veggie/fruit and the people had to find the pairs. anyway, going on to the elimination, kelly, the extremely emotional chick who lived in a convent was taken out, and she cried all the way out.

now on to the lame phrase, after the lunch and dropping quita off at her job, i went to my mom's job to alphabetize files. my mom yells at me because she was expecting me to be there at like 2:00, then she has me call my dad because he was looking for me for some reason, and when i told them where i was, the phrase at the beginning of this entry was said. i get home and he yells at me some more, saying to take a cell phone and blah, blah, blah. i think i'll try to have a new lame phrase every time i update.
that's all for now. Blessed be !!!!!!!Peace!



Nilsa & Manny (my parents),
Ivette came to my office today and refused to participate in her therapy session. She also refused to accept she has problems to work on (I never said that, in fact I said the opposite) and would not speak or answer questions (I answered the questions, just not how she wanted them to be).
She's been told that she has to take responsibility for her therapy sessions and come prepared to work on her issues. Since her choice is not to do that, we cannot proceed with therapy.
I told Ivette that if she decides in the future to take responsibility for herself and her part in her problems, she is welcomed to resume her therapy(I NOT going back to her after the stuff she told me). I have cancelled all her appointments.
If you decide to intervene and insist she participate in therapy, please call me to discuss this. I am naturally very concerned about Ivette( she wouldn't have cancelled the sessions if she really thought that). She's a troubled young woman with tremendous unresolved conflict. It is against my recommendation that she is refusing to receive therapy. ( I didn't say to cancel anything, she did it on her own)
Please feel free to call me anytime to discuss this situation.
Mary Ellen Connett
Read the previous entry to find out want this is about.


Not only am i free, i annoyed a therapist to the point she said "enough, i'm not playing these games, i'm canceling your sessions goodbye." the thing is i was never playing with her, in fact i was so serious with her i didn't know what to say, so i was a little insulted by the game thing, she just can't handle silence, she's normal. i'll start at the beginning. i went in and asked her,"why am i here by myself? why aren't there more sessions with me and my parents or just them by themselves?" she somehow took it to mean i was insulting her way of doing things and about kicked me out then, so i had to rephrase the question, being a bit more sensitive to her feelings. then, when she wanted to get started, i had nothing to talk about. she asked me questions that i thought were retorical, so i asked her one or two back("do you have problems?") so she said she's not playing and said that it was against her recommendation, but she's canceling. i was shocked at first, then she asked her final question, "are you suicidal?" I was never so happy to be out of a place, however my mom just called a couple of minutes ago asking what happens which means that bitch waited till i left to call her in addition to mailing out a letter. i'm not going back!!!!!!!!!!!

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i'll do the other two from peter's site later. i have to make dinner.
Blessed be!!!!!!!!!!!!!Peace!


I’m back from the trip to my brother’s house. I’ll start off with the bad stuff. My brother, robby, had either a stomach virus or the first stages of appendicitis, whichever he was sick as a dog. He still went places with us and he was cool for a few hours on Saturday. Anyway, after leaving his house, my dad drove and my mom and I fell asleep. When we woke up we were a couple of hours away from Savannah. He wanted to go to the beach, no prob. We get there and discover that no dogs were allowed on the beach. poor fluffy, she’s never seen the ocean*tear*. So we drive back to Columbus and get lost. Instead of making a right, my dad goes straight, then instead of admitting he was wrong and making a U-turn, he says “I’ve been through here before.” It was Butler, but we discovered that there was another way home by going through Buena Vista and Cusseta, only after my dad did a U-turn to go through a different road, but he couldn’t the same motion a half an hour before. Instead of getting home at 2:00, we got home at 8:00.
Now for the good stuff. My brother took the family to the mall, where I got to go into a hot topic, a nice size one, bigger than what’s gonna be a Peachtree. After that my brother pointed me to Walden books, better than the one at Peachtree. On the second floor on this Walden books was a wall of manga in English for one complete wall and spanish on the other. They had Fake 1-6, Demon Diary 1-6, Pet Shop of Horrors 1-5, Confidential Confessions 1-3 and Gravitation 1-4. I only had enough time to read Gravitation and Demon Diary. Shuichi cross dresses in Gravitation, but that’s all I’m gonna say about that.


ok, first block is basically a free day. i'm number twelve in senior project presentations, i go next tuesday, not bad. anyway, last night i got to watch two shows i've not seen before, mad mad house and straight plan for the gay man. i'll start with straight plan, it's a show for gay men who want to pass as straight, so these five straight men and take away all the fashion sense that the guy has, replacing it with a surprising new look and a place to match. it was very interesting. then there's mad mad house, my reality show! from now on i'm doing a weekly thing on it. Starting with the main people of the show, the 5 alts. There's Art, a modern primitive(tattoos and piercings and hanging from the ceiling fun), Fiona, a witch(i own one of her books!!!!!), Avocado, a naturist ( he wants to get as close as possible to nature), and Ta'shia, a voodoo priestess(she got the people involved in a ritual and some people cried) Then there's Don, a vampire. He is the focus of the first challenge. The guests had to jump into a fountain of blood and get either a cross, a bat, or a garlic clove and throw it into the urn of the person they don't want to win. Lots of bloody fun. Now for the guests I'll just list them and bold the person who got kicked off. it is important to notice that all of them are conservative to some extent. bonnie(the old lady), brent(wishes everybody was christian), eric, hamin, jamie, kelly(extremely emotional and live in a convent), loana, nichole, noel(asshole), and tim(prude).


evade- to escape from by skill, cunning, deception, etc.; to find a way of getting out of something; to be too difficult, puzzling, or baffling
does any of that describe me? the therapist says i'm an evasive person, am i? i don't think i am, therefore i am not. i think it's because i don't answer her questions as she likes them to be. it is possible to just not know, right? she says i'm a contradiction because of things that are perfectly logical. should i really be thinking of other things, especially heavy things, while i'm driving? those of you that have been on the passenger side while i drive know that answer, so why think on anything but road, music(maybe), and getting to the place on time. so that's how i ended my saturday, thinking about and accepting my contradiction self.

special note:my blog will be changed any day now, even if i have to do it myself. so if something funky happens, you know why.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!


i have enough time to give a very scary college update. my parents want to by me a house near GSU so that i can become a landlord and rent out rooms to people. i think they have another motive, but i don't know what. i would make sure the rooms were filled at all times, so there won't be any room for them there. i think i'm gonna refuse their offer, i want to be in the mix at school and am excited about going to the international dorm. anyway, i went to see the passion of the christ. if you want to see it for the plot or to examine the stuff, don't, the plot is simple and to the point. however, the movie battle royal and the first two episodes of fruits basket. both awesome!!
i'm gonna be late for an appointment, so i'll write more later.
Blessed Be!!!!!Peace!


i just finish unhooking the ps2 so that the japanese club doesn't have the same problem as we did today. no dvd player to watch the movie. anyway, i just got home and got a letter from georgia southern saying that i'm excepted. instead of working and saving money as i planned, i'm traveling the entire summer to fill in some obligations that i didn't even know i made. i have to drive my sis-in-law back to north carolina if my bro is still in kuwait(if he's here, i'm just driving with them any way),and help them around the house, then i'm driving to new jersey to spend time with other family, then i'm going back to north carolina just in time for the baby's birth. it'll be fun, i just have to organize so i can help everybody with their college move.
in other news, what are we doing for anti-prom and graduation? It's coming up fast.
Blessed Be!!!! Peace!

I am Rumpelstiltskin!

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Just having fun!!!


I am absolutely brooding!

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Technology hasn't been my friend today(the phone hung up on its own and computer documents have been deleted), so i'll be brief)
Yesterday- another therapy session, and that is annoying me. I told her some information a couple sessions back and she claims I never told her any of it, so I had to tell her again, but I know I told her because her nonchalantness about it annoyed me. Now I discover she's probably playing tic-tac-toe by herself while I speak. Damn it, if you're making me speak, listen! Anyway, moving backwards in time, my mom made my go work for her as part of my payment. I have to reverse alphabetize all of the closed files and, when that 's over with, I have to add the newer closed files. On Sunday, I did nothing. Saturday was the best day of the weekend. FLAG competition!!!!!! I got this one sentence down as i walked into the building. The CHS Japanese group talked to random people in Japanese, just for kicks. Afterward i bought peter pizza at the mall. i went home and slept the rest of the day away.
future news: my brother named my the godmother of their first baby and said that i will be named guardian in the will if anything should happen to them. the only thing that sucks is that they want to have four of five kids and i'd get all of them. i pray nothing happens to them, seriously, the thought of going from 0 to 5 scares me and even my so if something bizarre happens and i already have kid. Poor children!
(Note for J username= ivetheimp)
If you guys have anything to say to me, my email addresses are ivetheimp@hotmail.com/aol.com or vechernaya@yahoo.com. The comment box is being stubborn with me right now, oh well.
That's all for now. Blessed be! Peace!


I'm in the school library waiting for my turn with sensei. Peter was reading over my shoulder, but is now giving advice to the younger students. FLAG!!! Details about the results to come later. Hopefully I'll get a superior again. Then I can help with Japan Bowl. It was fun to hang out with the JB people after school last year, but the competitions are going on at different times, but I will still come and learn.
Anyway, outside of school, my therapist told my parents that I might have been molested or abused as a child. Bitch. i don't want to be involved in this and am lying as much as possible about things getting better so they will leave me alone, it's not working as well as i hoping. That's enough for now.
(Sidenote: Johnathan is working on my blog template, so it should be changing sometime soon:)


I'm back from a college visit at Georgia Southern. Right now i'm watching Pet Shop Of Horrors, it's not exactly like the manga in terms of order of the stories shown, but it's nice. The only problem is that the bunnies don't take over the city. As for my trip, the campus is very nice and there is a whole bunch of stores and such in the area. I like it, now if i can just get in. If i get accepted then i'll try for the international students dorm. I'll get to hang out with the exchange students from germany, spain and japan!!!!! Hope, hope, hope!!! The ISD is the only dorm for incoming students that's actually an apartment with a kitchen, so i don't have to get a meal plan. The finantial information given was the same thing given by mrs. sheperd, so there was no point in doing that, but my mom made me sit through it anyway. The only thing that bothered me came right before and right after the open house. My parents couldn't find the place and were about to leave for Savannah, much annoying to me, but found the sign right before we left the area. Then on the way back, we got lost a couple of time, not on the way there, but back. Anyway, that's my trip. Blessed be! Peace
(Sidenote to Peter" Is Count D suppose to have two different color eyes?)


Warning: I got shit to get off my chest
There are things in this life that just piss me the fuck off. Explanation- I have to type a paper about something that I feel is unjust or unfair. As I have been following this election, mostly because I'm voting(as is everybody else, even if I have to drag you by your ears damn it!!) and don't want to put in a total jack ass, I felt doing one that is a thing in the election this year would be app. Brittany Sansbury almost took my idea, but she was transferred to another class, so I took it back. My decision-gay marriages in the United States. For days after the assignment was given, I still mulled over the idea, thinking about doing something else, something not so controversial. This past Saturday made the decision for me. An article on the back of the Ledger talked about adding an amendment to the Georgia Constitution, maybe even the US Constitution, banning gay civil unions(translation: if you're gay and your partner becomes a vegetable, you can't do shit- you could have known that person for 30 years, but, in the eyes of the law, you might as well be a stranger !! )Upon reading this I actually got out of an emotional void I'd been trapped in for about a week- End of Explanation.
I wonder how old the people surveyed are and where they're from. A poll said that 61% of people polled in who knows where agree with doing this. So I want to know from anybody who reads this, is this polling accurate? Spread the question around! Am I the only one who feels that any bastard who votes this into effect is helping to deny a basic freedom(look it up- amendment 9- you can't deny one group of people w/out denying the others, which is why they are trying to amend the constitution) and is heterosexist(actual word!!! A person who's not homophobic but seeks to deny homosexuals right because they are an inferior person- kind of like a sexist or racist)
I'm shutting up now so my eye can stop twitching. Just ending with this: opinions are assholes and everybody's got one, but nobody, NOBODY, is telling me or my friends or even my enemies who they can or can't fall in love with!!!


I can do a partial update , finally! I was grounded for two weeks, but most of the things my parents said i couldn't do were taken back within the first few hours. The rest were taken back by Saturday, unfortunately, it happened when there wasn't much time left to have much fun. It doesn't matter. I haven't been feeling much of anything since the family session a week ago. My parents think i'm becoming more involved and telling the family more, but all i tell them is stuff and names they should've already known. They're either good actors or horrible listeners.
Going backward in time. I think Fluffy was tapped by a moving vehicle, not hard enough to do major damage, but she now refuses to leave the backyard, and was limping for a bit. A little bit furthre back, to New Years. I hate New Years almost as much as I hate x-mas. I used to be able to partake in the ceremonial drinking of wine at midnight(since i was 12), but, because my uncle came, i was lucky to get champagne. They didn't even let me touch the sparkling grape juice. i'm not allowed to practice mixing drinks anymore either.
Enough with the past. My brother is suppose to come down this weekend. My mom is having me go shopping with her and Jenna(bro's wife) for maternity clothes and baby stuff. In march, my parents are going to Texas for military reasons, while i'm stuck here. They were going to send me to my uncle's for the week, but i became a total bitch so they asked the neighbor. They, for some reason, refuse to let me stay with any friends. No matter.
The bell's about to ring, so I must go.
Blessed Be!!Peace!


I'm sorry it's taking so long to update, but you will have to wait until I have free time and internet connection at my house!!!