Life is vapor

Nothing lasts forever. I spent the weekend at my brother's house and played with my nephew. He's going to be a minion, he has my smirk and only does it when something is about to happen. My parents came with Fluffy, it was good to see her. I also got to meet Butters, a dog that smiles when you say his name. I didn't do too much, but I went to the mall and got my my fangs. They are the normal ones, but I'm going to by the shredders sometime in my future. Happiness and tranquility never lasts. I left early on Sunday, would have left Monday morning, but I had a group presentation in my morning class and knew that my group wouldn't have it done(sounds mean, but you don't know my group). I was right, they didn't even take all the pictures, and I did all but ten!Ten pictures between three people isn't that hard. In the process of getting the pictures, I made a lady feel special, I called her a goddess and said that I worship the lab she works in for getting the pictures done in a half an hour.
I had another weird dream the day before I left for my brother's house(Wednesday night). It was really short. Anyway, everybody was in it and they were separated into two groups, some in Geimer's car, the rest in my car, but Peter was driving my car and I was walking. So Peter and Geimer would drive a few feet and I would jog and meet them, then they would drive a few feet more and I would do some more jogging. That was my entire dream, but the weird thing is that I woke up and my legs were actually hurting. I think I figured it out, it only happens when somebody insults Puck, he doesn't like it, I guess.

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