and so... another turn of the screw

Figured I would use the book I've had to read for two different classes. It actually works for this particular blog too. My place of employment will close for good on Wednesday. There was just not any money left for the place to work. I'm soooo sick of hearing people say that they're sorry or asking where they are going to go for coffee. I think that, on the very last day, I'm going to tell every client that says something like that off.
Even classes bring something different for me. I'm trying to create a short story for creative writing after becoming used to either poetry or scripts. I would post the story up and ask for opinions, but it needs to be 15 pages. That and some part of me is scared of what people would have to say. People can be very cruel. English grammar has something I've never heard of- a sentence tree. Take a sentence, divide it into each grouping(verb phrase, noun phrase, and so on), then divide it even more until the sentence shows up at the bottom. I actually need to go and practice that activity.


greetings to the new year

Hope everybody is having fun with their classes. I think my semester will be interesting- 4 English type classes. I was scared about the English grammar class, but the teacher seems to understand the plight of us students in the American education system where grammar is not encouraged except as little red marks on paper with clueless looks as we try to figure out what the hell a comma splice is and how to fix it.
Creative writing is an hour long group therapy session with 11 other people I've never met before, but we must show our souls in writing. It's great though because there is a whole variety of people, from essay type people to poets to short story writers. The teacher is even trying to get a book of his poems published.
American Novel is taught by a person who compared the education system to George Orwell's 1984 government system. He makes it enjoyable to be in a class at 8 am.
American Lit 2 is the only class on MW and it is the most boring, book heavy classes I've ever had.
I would've had more, but the high amount of work from these classes and my parents telling me to get out of 2 classes( always listen to parents- almost anyway) caused my to drop 2.
Work is... work. They have reduced the number of people working to just 1 person and the boss-lady. I don't know how much I like that considering boss-lady will be bringing her baby in as well. Hopefully, it won't last too long before they hire another person or 2 for the day shift. I'm staying there because it's decent pay and I'm trying to save money for a trip to Italy.
I'm also trying to actually start living a healthier lifestyle, beginning with getting rid of the extra pounds. It's only the first week of this major effort, but I am doing little realistic things to reach the goal. I plan on having a very busy year.