I'm back from Six Flags. It was all good, until the final rollercoster. At first the seat was too loose and I almost fell out during the ride. Then at the end, while everybody got off, my seat remained locked, but nobody listened to me and kept pushing it down. It stayed like that and they almost couldn't unlock it with the key, which was stupidly made, so one has to stick a rod through a little hoop which is hard to get when somebody is in the seat. I was wondering why the lady before me was crying, I felt like crying. Anyway, I totally recommend Superman, you lie down and look at the ground or the sky, not the tracks. It's so cool.

Special AnnoucemenT: ThurSday, Harry Potter marathon(I think it's still on, somebody please tell me!!!) and Friday at 4:30 at the new theater, Harry Potter 3. You can come to both or pick one.
I think that's all. LATER


Alright people, I have heard very little from many of you people and it makes me sad Are we or aren't we keeping T.N.T. around? Is it going to move to a different date? We need to find days that intercept if that's true.
Anyway here's an open invite: Six Flags($42.99- 34.99 on-line) or White Water( $29.99- $26.99 on-line) or both on Saturday. Six Flags has the offer of bringing in a coke can and get a free ticket when you buy one.
Do what you want with this information, that's where I'm going.


Alright, graduation is over with and I finished my first day at work. The best news of all...there are no extra people in the house and I got my room back! It's nice to see my family and all, but I would prefer them stay @ a hotel or something during the night. Anyway, after work I went shopping for some office clothes, then I came home and finally e-mailed the person who may be my room mate, as well as my brother. Finally I would like to thank those who came to the BBQ and say to Peter: you missed the only person who would have commented on your shirt to your face, except in Spanish. I'm going to bring some of the roast pork, which my mom froze, for everybody to try on Thursday, but it will take about an hour at low temperature to reheat(that's what my dad told me to do) Speaking of Thursday, I'll be there at 5:30-6:00, so please call me if you guys are going to be some place else. That's all for now.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!Peace!!!


SPECIAL NOTE: This entire week will hold my complaints

I can't get into an account on GA Southern because it was cancelled because of one too many attempts made by the only other people permanetly living in this house, but they shall remain nameless. They put the same password I put in over and over again because your only allowed a number of letters or numbers and they try to add stuff, instead of leaving it and me alone. I want out of this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Later


Nobody is here yet and I already wish them gone. This is suppose to be about what I feel at the moment, but, for them, I must play a happy hostess. I resign to screaming only in my head as this time is used for birthday parties and special annoucements, then, for just Saturday, they celebrate my graduation. They even planned everything in such a way that I will barely ever see them because I'm in school, they leave next Sunday. Later


Wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!It's new and different!!!!!
I had nothing to do during lunch so I decided to do a quick update. Starting Saturday my house will be filled beyond capacity and by next Friday, I'm getting sent to my neighbor's house because mine will be over stuffed with people. I just found out that another aunt will be coming by and she has five kids, no clue where they're going to stay. My dad came during second block to remind me to get the extra tickets, they just don't trust me. Yeah, that's it in my life. It's so boring @ home!!!!!!!!!! Blessed Be!!!!!!!Peace!!!!


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yeah it's been a wee bit of time since i updated, so here it goes. Mad Mad house is over and Jaime, the stripper won. I've been having issues with my sinuses and those quizzes raise interesting questions within me. Am i really all that violent? I have tons of restraint otherwise i would have been the real life Jason or something.i am not the dog of satan and i have no plans to swear allegiance to the dark lord, but i have contradicted the catholic church, but i do not blaspheme the Lords name. Oh well, it doesn't matter, i have a headache now. That's all for now.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!!!