Hope everybody had a happy thanksgiving and managed to avoid the mass chaos of the day after. I had a pretty good weekend hanging out with nephews and baking. I got a tattoo...kinda. It's only partially done right now. I'm going to get it finished in about 2 or 3 weeks. My bro is taking it slow so that he doesn't get tired and mess up. It's the most detailed tattoo he's done thus far. I'll post a pic as soon as it's done.


Bad days and wonderful nights

I don't know how long I can last in this job anymore. I think I'll quit right after Christmas. They wrote up my whole Friday shift because thing weren't properly prepped, but I know I had many things prepped. I don't get why they didn't write up all the employees, but they want to set an example with my shift, so that's how it's going to be. It just seems so wrong. And to top it all off, they told me this on my mom's b-day, which I worked on. They never say when people are doing well, or thank people when they stay late, or ask the high schoolers how they're doing in class and congratulate them for working and doing well in their classes. They never have a meeting just to say that everybody is doing great. I'd understand some big place where the shifts never really see each other, but everybody knows everybody here and has worked with everybody for a few minutes. I don't know, maybe it just proves that I shouldn't run a business. Well as the title says, days are crap, but the nights tend to be beautiful.
Yesterday was the best night since tnt nights and antiprom. D.J. And I hung out at the riverwalk on the Columbus side, then decided to feed the curiosity over what was on the Alabama side by going over there. We walked all the way to the amphitheatre and onto the stage to perform an impromptu show for the unseen that happened to be there. We tried a couple of different takes before figuring out the right form and running with it for an hour. Then we went to IHOP and had pancakes, then to a park to play on the swings, then we just drove around. All totaled. I was awake yesterday for 24 hours. It was great. Must do it again sometime.
whoa-this has been the most updates in a really long time.


Restlessness settles in way too soon

Yesterday, I sat next to my parents for a total of 20 minutes, in two halves. They sent me out to the store almost as soon as I came in. Today I've spent maybe half an hour including dinner actually saying anything to them. I spent more time with them during the weekend while living in Statesboro then in any two weeks now. Or it seems that way. What's my point to all of this? It's time to go, I've stayed long enough and this isn't my home anymore. I would've been happier going to the same place everybody else went to instead of GS. Somehow, it makes me feel better to say this and not let it rot in my mind. Not like it matters, nobody reads this, so I can say whatever the hell I want.


Don't even hint the "F"word to me!!!

It all started when I was about to get off of work today. A couple came and and used the restroom, together! (strike 1) They then came out and acted like they wanted to buy something, but complained about the prices and the nutritional aspect of eating treats found in any coffee shop across America. The husband left, but the lady stayed and said that we(meaning the owner) need to get some lowfat items in the case because the only thing she could eat was a lettuce leaf belonging to one of our sample sandwiches. The other workers and I had a brief chuckle at this, mostly because we thought she was kidding around. But no, she went off going on about her high blood pressure and medication(strike 2). Then she looked at me and said, "I'm not picking on you, but woman to woman you need to lose some of that weight." (strike 3!)She was about to go on, but one look in my eyes and the way I gripped the meager fake wooden door that separated us made her stop and say bye. Oh...I almost quit my job just to punch her, but no I clenched my jaw and glared at her, as she left and even as she got in her car. For those who don't know, I'm proud of the fact that I've gone down several pants sizes(almost a 22 down to 16), but this woman just assumed that I was fat and didn't care about my health. It ruined the day I had then, but I just want to say to her if she should happen to look upon this page one miraculous day: fuck you! I have no plans or desire to have some nursing home attendant change my diaper because I happen to live to a 100 or some shit. I'm going out and my epitaph is reading- loved food like a damn drug.凸(>.<)凸 
I feel better now