Such is the world

How do you tell a person that you had a feeling since last year that a relative probably won't make it the next 2 years?
My mom got a phone call a couple of days ago that an Uncle has cancer and it has spread. This is the same uncle that had me worried since last halloween because my grandma(who's dead and told me this during a silent supper) told me he wouldn't make it the next year, 2 with some luck. As it closed in on halloween, I got my hopes up, that maybe some message got mixed up or something, told a couple of friends, but no family(no point in worrying them). Then the phone call came, which brings the question I posed at the beginning. Should I tell them that they may want to visit him soon and not say why or tell them what grandma said? Would it be best to stay silent?



What would you do if somebody came to you and asked for help and information that nobody else would give? My cousin came to me wanting to learn about pagan religions. I helped her with research and set up guidelines, making sure that she had to face the stuff most kids would find boring and see that this was not like in the movies. I spoke to her like an equal, but gave her information I thought was age appropriate. Despite all of this, my parents are acting like I'm corrupting her, like what I'm telling her is the cause of all her problems. She had a nightmare yesterday night, instead of them thinking may be dealing with stress because she's leaving on Saturday and doesn't like living in New Jersey or because as soon as she gets back she has to get ready for school, they both yell at and lecture me saying that what I'm letting her read is to blame. They even told me to take everything away. The look on her face when I told her that made me feel so bad. I wonder if they even know how bad they look by doing this.