More Pictures!!

My cousin, Andrea Alexandra. They only bought her yellow and pink stuff. Poor Baby.

My brother, Rob.

My sister-in-law, Jenna, w/ my brother, Rob in the background

This is my nephew

I am working on posting pictures of the rest of my family. Bare with me, I'm not computer-literate.


Who am I?

I have to write an introductory letter for my English professor and one of the questions to answer is what do I feel makes me "ME," but I don't know me. Well I know me, but I hide from myself so much that I don't know the real me anymore or how to figure me out. On that confusing note, I'll do an update of my life.
Christmas and New Years came and went and I am back in school, but doing only 12 hours because the work load in the classes I have will be bigger than last semester. I went home for MLK weekend because there is neither an air conditioner nor a heater in the dorms until the weather stabilizes. At home, I went to the movies to see Elektra(a disappointment) and did nothing else really. Starting tomorrow, I am going to a pilates class every other day because I have nothing else to do.
That's everything, maybe one day I will type the weirdness that happened at the dorm during the last semester. LATER.