Smiling Winner
You are the Smiling Winner!
As you emerge from a previous Battle Royale coated
in blood and clutching your dolly to your
chest, you look to all of the flashing lights
of the cameras and the television reporters.
Military push people aside to give you room to
walk as your small feet pad silently against
the blood stained dirt. Your matted hair
dangles in your face as you slowly tilt your
gaze to the cameras...and smile. Madness always
takes it's toll. Have the correct change.

Which Battle Royale Character Are You?
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Puck would be my dolly.
I'll add a couple more later.


Guess I should Update

I watched horror movies and the nightmare before Christmas for Samhain/Halloween. My parents came down for family weekend the same weekend. Had to go home this passed weekend to get my car fixed. Didn't tell anybody because I needed to be alone. Going home this coming weekend for my mom's b-day, so tell me if you want to do anything(thurs night-sun noon). Signed up for classes today. English, Math, Geology, Economics, Geography, and Equestrian(horse-back riding)-16 hours. I may look for other classes to add. Only a partial vegetarian, parents still trying to make me eat all meats- eat fish for much needed protein. Went down a size in pants. Will post pictures as soon as I figure out the web cam. Got a new phone, CD, and laptop. Getting a sewing machine and digital camera(hopefully for Yule). People here still mess with me because I'm different, oh well. That's everything. LATER
Update: I decided not to do the horse back riding because it cost money and would be from 6 to 8 at night. which puts me at 15 hours.
P.S. I'm officially a member of the clergy for the Church of Spiritual Humanism, which means I can do weddings, baptisms, and funerals :P