I wanted to update my blog the day I got back here but certain issues came up. Anyway, the Japanese speech competition was lots of fun. It was great to see so many people again. It's been too long. I wish to do more stuff and see everybody again like that. Peter should have placed, but nothing can be done about that. Umezono was yummy! Peter has some pics on his blog so look there. After Umezono and Tomato, I went with Peter to Athens for the night and met more of his friends. I mostly listened as they talked about things going on in UGA. Everybody went to bed around 1:00, but, except for Peter, nobody fell asleep for awhile because of random conversations. Anyway, woke up at 7:30 because an alarm went off and I got to watch as Peter was stepped on. Peter and I then went to his room to talk and find directions to get me back to GS. I ended up leaving at about 9:30- 10:00, but got lost a couple of times, so I didn't make it back until 12:50 or so. I did not even put my stuff down when a girl I know asked me to go have lunch with her. She chose Checkers, vegetarians paradise::rolls eyes::, so I went for the ride. At Checkers, this girl left her keys in the ignition, the windows open, and the doors unlocked. On the way back, she drove on the wrong side of the road and we almost died. I came back to find Katie in the room, sick as a dog, but not hangover sick, flu sick. After that I got a couple of phone calls, fell asleep, woke up, chatted, then fell back asleep.
Monday, my English lab was cancelled, so I went to have dinner with Lindsay. She told me about different role playing games on the net, so I followed her back to her room and she showed me what goes on in them. Tuesday, Lindsay and I took a walking tour of the campus where we went to the museum and the Wildlife center, to talk to one of her teachers, and to English class, which was cancelled. Then we went to Walmart for camping supplies, to a JAFA meeting, then I went and hung out in Lindsay's dorm. Also on Tuesday, I went to check out some apartments that are really nice and cheaper than some of the dorms on campus. I talked to my mom about it and we basically got into an argument via AIM because she tried to make certain points without knowing all the details. So Wednesday I got a copy of the lease so that she could see it. Also on Wednesday, Lindsay and I went movie hunting First in Blockbuster, where the dude kept following us and asking if he could help with anything, then to Movie Gallery, where Big Daddy Wolf(or something like that) convinced us to help him put away videos, we got stuff for it. Then we went and ate ice cream at Carvels(yummy) and back to Lindsay's dorm to watch SAW. Tomorrow is the JAFA camping trip. YAY!
By the way, Lindsay has her own
blog, which I said before, but she got mad because I didn't say anything about her::shrugs::. Well, she's just as insane as I am, but cool. She loves Mad, Mad House and other reality shows. She's in chorus, in love with Erik, the Phantom of the Opera and has a creation named Muse. Anything else, she can add to the comment box, so check there.


Work and Play

The Explore Japan Program last Tuesday was a big success in my opinion. I ended up taking over the language section- it was me and another girl who the kids could barely hear- but it was lots of fun. I didn't think it would go that well after the disaster of a rehearsal. Anyway, I also did room selection on Thursday and got my first choice. I also pissed some people off because I moved straight to the front of the line, but that's what they get for being so determined to have a certain roommate. After the Geology test on Friday I hopped in my car to go home, but was only home for about and 2 hours (1 hour was spent running errands) before I had to get in the car again for a 6 hour drive to Orlando, Florida.
This past Saturday was spent at Sea World and a luau. You can see the pic here. If it asks for a username and password use ivetheimp@hotmail.com and fluffy. It sometimes wants to be a bitch to me. Special note: I don't like taking pics of people, especially when they pose, so these are all of various animals. My battery died before the luau(it sucked, so it didn't matter) so no pics there either. We returned home Sunday- by the end of the drive, I was ready to put my dad in a sleeper hold, can't stand when people continuously change radio stations .
All in all, I'm sick of the car for the week, but will be ready to drive by the weekend. By the way, I found more dolls like Puck, the site is in Spanish(the dolls are from Spain), but the names are basically the same.
Edit: My sis-in-law is pregnant w/ kid #2


Busy funness

I may have only 12 hours this semester, it feels like I'm going to be even busier than last semester. This Tuesday, I'm involved in a program for second graders to teach them about Japanese culture. Then there's room selection, Japanese speech competition(Go Peter and Junior!!), a camping trip, and the Renaissance Festival. Along with tests, essays, homework, trips to see my nephew and new cousin, another cousin's graduation, new tattoos and maybe piercings, I'm very excited.