This past Saturday, I met my roommate, Katie. We played skeeball for a half an hour and got to know each other. She told me she didn't want to room with one of her friends because it may break the friendship. I told her none of my friends were coming. She was like "oh." I told her I don't eat meat, she was on the Atkins diet. I'm like that's cool, but she's like I won't eat meat in front of you. I told her I don't like too many bright colors, she showed up in a bright green t-shirt and bought a bright pink curtain for the closet. This is going to be interesting. I think everything will be fine once she figures out how relaxed I am about things.
I'm kind of pissed off at my mom. She told me since the middle of the year that I would have a job. I did everything I needed to do in a week and a half. I spent two days just sitting on my ass then just said if you need me call me. I AM SO BORED. I keep getting told this summer will just fly by, it's going so fucking slow.
Anyway I had this weird dream that deals with the group. I'm in an airport with the entire school is there, but I'm looking for the group because the plane is about to leave and the security was doing a drug check, but I couldn't find any of you guys. I ran the entire airport and right before I got to the final room I woke up. I got the feeling everybody was there.
I think that's it. LATER


I'm back from the GA Southern orienation and for right now I have the perfect schedule. Nothing comes before 10, at least a half an hour gap, and no classes on Friday. But that's not official. Anyway the entire experiance was creepy. All these happy people. Almost all the girls looked soo skinny, I was worrying about falling and crushing one of them. The school has a huge and just about everything is walking distance from my dorm. The library is open 24/7. I signed up for this program for minority students and made a couple of friends, which was cool. I have to go to work. LATER!!!! PS: I couldn't stand the green anymore and needed to change the looked.


Ok, unless I get different information, nothing is happening on Thursday. For those people who want to go to the movies on Friday, I'm going to get my ticket tomorrow, so if you want me to get you one and just pay me back later let me know.

Today marks a month without meat!!! I've been demoted at work to filing for the moment, but that's fine with me. My roommate and I have been e-mailing each other. She's seems cool. We're trying to arrange a meeting, sometime before getting to the dorms.
I thinks that's everything. LATER.