Where's the luck?

I went to the emergency room yesterday for a steroid shot after an allergic reaction to something, though I don't know what. I figured the usual laundry detergent issue, so I had to buy some new stuff. My spots and hives are gone, but I constantly feel like I have a lump in my throat and the steroid makes me hungry. I'm not allowed into the gust room or my room until everything gets scrubbed out. It's a problem since I can't clean my room, can't stay in there for too long without getting the lump in my throat, so I'm banned to the living room until such time as the rooms can be cleaned. My dad is going to help me switch my room and the guest room, hopefully cleaning out whatever is causing the problem. Won't be able to do that until Monday(work issues). I feel bad b/c my parents just got back from their anniversary vacation and had to deal with me and my issues. My mom had to spend the night in the hospital again b/c of pancreas issues, but she's home and resting.
In other issues, my digital camera is broken, don't know how or why really, but it sux. I'll buy a new and better one eventually.
Good news is that 2 of my classes are over, 1 ends Monday and I have my last final Thursday morning. I'm going to miss the creative writing class though. There's a dinner with them on Tuesday and everybody wants to stay in touch and write poetry.
I even have the coolest schedule ever for the fall- Monday, Wednesday, Friday only. At least for now, until they finish fixing some of my problems. Poor advisers, I'm going in such a mixed up order, but even with the transfer and all the issues, I should be able to graduate December '08. Only a little behind schedule, but not bad.


Mom is home

My mom is doing fine and got out of the hospital on Wednesday. She only stayed in an extra day because she couldn't eat and became dehydrated. They don't know what was wrong exactly, but they are going to do more tests in a few weeks, just to make total sure that everything is back to normal. My brother brought the crew down and has been hanging out for the week. The boys are little firecrackers. My parents and I took them to Monkey Joes. I ended up being the one climbing through the tunnels chasing the little ones around and feel very achy today. My aunt has had either a cold or some allergies and hasn't really been around. My Uncle... has been a total asshole and I've lost every ounce of respect for him, which was barely there already. He disrespected my mom and her choice of doctors by questioning them relentlessly, my dad not trusting him to look out for my mom's best interests, and my other aunts and uncles by fighting them every time they asked him to back off. One aunt has said that her kids are not allowed to spend the night with him, for fear of getting his bad habits. He even managed to not only disrespect me and my abilities, but to make me feel gross by sitting next to him. In ten minutes, he managed to treat me like I didn't know how to use a search engine and insult half my friends by talking about wanting to beat up a gay guy he saw on t.v. just because the guy looked gay.