evade- to escape from by skill, cunning, deception, etc.; to find a way of getting out of something; to be too difficult, puzzling, or baffling
does any of that describe me? the therapist says i'm an evasive person, am i? i don't think i am, therefore i am not. i think it's because i don't answer her questions as she likes them to be. it is possible to just not know, right? she says i'm a contradiction because of things that are perfectly logical. should i really be thinking of other things, especially heavy things, while i'm driving? those of you that have been on the passenger side while i drive know that answer, so why think on anything but road, music(maybe), and getting to the place on time. so that's how i ended my saturday, thinking about and accepting my contradiction self.

special note:my blog will be changed any day now, even if i have to do it myself. so if something funky happens, you know why.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!


i have enough time to give a very scary college update. my parents want to by me a house near GSU so that i can become a landlord and rent out rooms to people. i think they have another motive, but i don't know what. i would make sure the rooms were filled at all times, so there won't be any room for them there. i think i'm gonna refuse their offer, i want to be in the mix at school and am excited about going to the international dorm. anyway, i went to see the passion of the christ. if you want to see it for the plot or to examine the stuff, don't, the plot is simple and to the point. however, the movie battle royal and the first two episodes of fruits basket. both awesome!!
i'm gonna be late for an appointment, so i'll write more later.
Blessed Be!!!!!Peace!


i just finish unhooking the ps2 so that the japanese club doesn't have the same problem as we did today. no dvd player to watch the movie. anyway, i just got home and got a letter from georgia southern saying that i'm excepted. instead of working and saving money as i planned, i'm traveling the entire summer to fill in some obligations that i didn't even know i made. i have to drive my sis-in-law back to north carolina if my bro is still in kuwait(if he's here, i'm just driving with them any way),and help them around the house, then i'm driving to new jersey to spend time with other family, then i'm going back to north carolina just in time for the baby's birth. it'll be fun, i just have to organize so i can help everybody with their college move.
in other news, what are we doing for anti-prom and graduation? It's coming up fast.
Blessed Be!!!! Peace!

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awesome criminal- killed 600 women in search of immortality. quasi-vampiric she bathed in it instead of drinking!
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Technology hasn't been my friend today(the phone hung up on its own and computer documents have been deleted), so i'll be brief)
Yesterday- another therapy session, and that is annoying me. I told her some information a couple sessions back and she claims I never told her any of it, so I had to tell her again, but I know I told her because her nonchalantness about it annoyed me. Now I discover she's probably playing tic-tac-toe by herself while I speak. Damn it, if you're making me speak, listen! Anyway, moving backwards in time, my mom made my go work for her as part of my payment. I have to reverse alphabetize all of the closed files and, when that 's over with, I have to add the newer closed files. On Sunday, I did nothing. Saturday was the best day of the weekend. FLAG competition!!!!!! I got this one sentence down as i walked into the building. The CHS Japanese group talked to random people in Japanese, just for kicks. Afterward i bought peter pizza at the mall. i went home and slept the rest of the day away.
future news: my brother named my the godmother of their first baby and said that i will be named guardian in the will if anything should happen to them. the only thing that sucks is that they want to have four of five kids and i'd get all of them. i pray nothing happens to them, seriously, the thought of going from 0 to 5 scares me and even my so if something bizarre happens and i already have kid. Poor children!
(Note for J username= ivetheimp)
If you guys have anything to say to me, my email addresses are ivetheimp@hotmail.com/aol.com or vechernaya@yahoo.com. The comment box is being stubborn with me right now, oh well.
That's all for now. Blessed be! Peace!


I'm in the school library waiting for my turn with sensei. Peter was reading over my shoulder, but is now giving advice to the younger students. FLAG!!! Details about the results to come later. Hopefully I'll get a superior again. Then I can help with Japan Bowl. It was fun to hang out with the JB people after school last year, but the competitions are going on at different times, but I will still come and learn.
Anyway, outside of school, my therapist told my parents that I might have been molested or abused as a child. Bitch. i don't want to be involved in this and am lying as much as possible about things getting better so they will leave me alone, it's not working as well as i hoping. That's enough for now.
(Sidenote: Johnathan is working on my blog template, so it should be changing sometime soon:)