Negative thinking isn't always bad

What is there to say about my life? I'm living at home with parents I rarely see because of work and classes. Classes are so easy, they're very dull( I have a 104 in Math, I suck at math, but the class is just that easy). I'm so bored, I'm teaching myself new stuff so I can actually feel like I'm learning something this semester. It's mostly dealing with herbs and incense. Maybe I'll make some to send to everybody for Christmas along with a big cake- a cookie cake with candy cane trees and a snowman. But it will be all black and orange, and the snowman will be holding his carrot nose like a weapon. "Merry Christmas"will be in bloody icing. Sounds delicious, but I'll have to be selective in who I send it to. Wonder who will see humor in it? I'll have to write it on the list...
Work is work. They had me closing two times this week for the first time in months. They have twice as many night people than day people literally- 3 for day, 9 for night, so I don't know what that was about. Anyhoo, it's too expensive for me to eat there every day even with the 50% off, so I take my own food or starve. It's worked out well though. I'm down a pants size. Yep, though I work in a coffee shop with ice cream and fatty bakery stuff, the weight went poof. I had to say that again because I find it so hard to believe. I expected to be so big by the end of college, especially after moving back home, that friends would have to do an intervention or I would need some surgery just to live.
14 days(excluding today) until Halloween. Get the candy ready!!!Seems to go againsst my goal, but I don't care!!! Besides a variety bag never hurt anybody.