I should have done this earlier, but I've been kinda busy. Anyway, Lindsay and I left for renfest Friday at 2:30, got lost, stuck in Atl rush hour,stuck in a downpour that had us going 30mph at some points, then locked out of the house we were staying at, getting inside a warm dry place at 7:30. After that it was all good. I spent so much more than I intended to, but it was so worth it. The dude that sells horns called me his hero, I got some imp ears, a fan, a weapon(peter has a pic of it somewhere), some gems, but no tail. Next year, I will have a tail, then I will save like $150 to buy the really nice cloak I saw and maybe the dress that goes with it. Anyway, we went to Carly's house to spend the night there on Saturday and everybody just talked, it was nice. I think everyone got along quite well, which was good, although I want to meet this person who threatened Peter on behalf of David. Another person like me? hmmm... Think of that as you sleep tonight bwahahaha. I must go and finish working on projects.


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I don't know how I did that. Aren't Anarchy and the Green party on opposite ends? I guess it's possible as the green party mostly cares about nature and screw people. Is it good that I'm more Nazi then Republican? I don't know.

You scored as Paganism. Your beliefs are most closely aligned with those of paganism, Wicca, or a similar earth-based religion. You may also follow a Native American religion.



















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Three way tie with Satanism, Buddhism, and Paganism, but I'm somehow more Pagan then the other two, yay!



I am a queen...

...the highway is my kingdom. If you cannot keep up move to the side or be bitch-slapped by my car. I have places to be. I love going to see different places, but hate the actual traveling because I get the urge to kill things with the way some people drive. I mean I may speed, but I'm careful about it and wm aware of everything that I do.
With that said, on to the most incredible weekend I've had in a long time. I went to visit Peter in Athens. Yay! He gave a night tour of campus and we got to ring the bell on Friday. Everybody should do that. I also got to walk through the cemetery. Its broken beauty was a sight I loved and mourned:: sighs:: On Saturday, we went to the international street fest. Awesomeness! The dancers were cool, but we missed the Japanese group perform.

I got this pic of Peter and Puck at the fest. Some guy actually stopped Peter and asked about Puck. Most others just gave us strange looks. After the fest we hung out in Peter's room until Peter went to see if anybody came back and discovered the door unlocked. We were debating have Puck sit in the room and leave, but decided against it. For dinner that day, we went to a place called Locos and split a tuna sandwich, some pasta salad, and a slice of cheesecake with Peter's $10 gift certificate. Not very filling, so Peter went with Randy to the dining hall and snuck out some grilled cheese sandwiches for me. Then we watched t.v. and watched the coolest show with a nun named Sister Wendy, Saturdays at 9 on PBS. I hope she comes on in Statesboro. Then I hung out with Peter and Randy as they did laundry and we watched Headbangers Ball then Wonder Showzen (sp?), which is like Sesame Street on Acid, maybe something stronger. Sunday, Peter and I hung woke up at 9 in the morning so I could get breakfast and lunch for $6. We hung out in the dining hall from 9:30 until 12:00. The he, Carly, and I walked to the cemetery and took some pictures around the area. We cleaned up some of stuff lying around- beer bottles, a rusted wagon and a thing that looked like a bound and gagged person-damn those litterers. (Peter- tell Carly my shoulders aren't burnt but my face will be peeling soon *-*) Before I left, I gave Peter I big hug and he wrapped his legs around my waist as a person in a truck just stared at us. It was an amusing way to end a fun trip. Now, back to the fun of classes!


Had to post this

I think it's amusing. If you are a die-hard bush fan or object to Bible usage to prove something you see as stretching the truth DON'T LOOK. I'm posting this for the people I know will get a kick out of it.
In fact, just to be PC(for once in my life), here's the opposing view: http://www.bushislord.com/index.php (this site gave me a chuckle or two as well). Sadly or interstingly enough, the anticrist site seems to provide more evidence than the lord site.