A promise barely kept

Twice in one month, getting better. Next month, 3 updates! Anyway, I'm back in school. Classes are good. Long because they're only once a week, but good. I'm making a different bottom for renfest, out of tiger fur(fake of course). I need to e-mail people to get people to agree on a date for it and reservations for wherever we want to stay. Miss Information won't be fully in until Feb. Who am I kidding? Renfest is April 15-June 4 and all memorial day weekend from 10:30-6. The group tickets aren't up yet, but they have a downloadable coupon for $2 off. I think it would be fun and cheaper if a big crowd goes to camp out. I need new horns(maybe), a tail(definitely), and a top(maybe). Here's the entertainment schedule. Any questions, comments, or issues, you know how to find me. With that out, onto other things, but not today. LATER.


I am alive

Happy 2006 everybody. It doesn't really feel like I've been on this earth for almost 20 years. It also doesn't fell like classes should start back on Monday. What have I been doing this break? The usual, a great deal of thinking, occasionally letting people into the thoughts. Actually I made some new friends here through DJ. Very nice people that let me spend New Years with them while my parents went to my brother's house to help them redecorated. I spent the night sharing a full size bed with 3 other people. The guys should have been in their own room, but people stop caring at 6 in the morning.
Moving a little backward in time, Christmas was spent in the company of family I barely knew and friends of these people. I got everything I wanted and then some. Because of my parent's assistance, I now only need a top for renfest.
Now to the future. I think I'm transferring to CSU next year. If the business plans that Lindsay and I have fail(a nice idea to make and sell home made candles, bath salts, and soaps), then I will definitely be going to CSU in the fall. I just can't afford it anymore.
P.S. I'll try to update more than once a month.