It's been awhile since I've updated. I'll start with mad mad house, which is about to end in such a disappointing way. None of the three are ones that I wanted to win, but there's nothing I can do about it. I will say that my parents don't mind me staying out until 11:30 and watch until the end. My parents came back Friday at about 9:00 pm, right after I got back from Cheddars, which was pretty good, they make good mudslides (it was nonalcoholic). They brought back three porcelain doll-a native American boy doll from Texas,one big doll with long feathers on it, and a small one in a tiger costume. Anyway, the foreign language fair on Saturday was fun. I don't know CSU very well, so Peter had to meet me in the parking lot. I talked to people, kicked some ass in a card game, getting 4,000 yen. MY kite didn't win, but that was just fine with me, hope Helen doesn't mind if I keep it. My parents left for August today for a doctor's appointment at 6:30 in the morning. Hopefully it will get him a higher disability rating, he's at 20% right now. I think that's all for now.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Easter!!!!

I'll start with Thursday. It was lots of fun, as usual. I'll work on DDR. On Friday, my parents decided to not go to Six Flags because of the chance of rain, but there was no rain Friday or Saturday. On Saturday, I got to try the stuffed french toast from IHOP. It's soo good. Then I went to the farmers market. They sell stuff at a nice price. I've been working on some projects that I may present on boards night. Anyway, I've been keeping contact with my brother in Kuwait. Somebody has been insulting him about his wife and my parents have been giving him some very stupid suggestions. Get the guy to throw the first punch then beat him up, stupid insults to give to the guy if he says stuff. I asked him the only questions they didn't, has he told the guy that he isn't funny? No. Is the guy higher ranking? He didn't answer. Does the guy have many friends? No answer again. He wanted to "drop hints when his friends are around and have them tell the guy. I'll update more later, my dad wants the computer.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!Peace!!!


My shoulders are sooo burnt from yesterday. Kalan, Catherine, and I walked around for about an hour. It was fun. Now for an explanation on why I don't go outside to often. The sun literally drains me, I can't handle it, hence whenever I go out I get burn, no matter how much sunblock I where. I went home had dinner and fell asleep on the couch until DJ called, he wanted me to call him back when I was fully awake, but I fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 1:00.
Which brings me to some bizarre dreams. There are two that I can remember. One took place with my house in one of those t.v. suburban areas and the animal, with the exception of those if my backyard, were constipated because the lady across the street fed them paint (if they can't take a crap then there are no messes to clean up). She came over to my house with an offer to help me deal with my pets and was about to do a demonstration on Wendy, my brother's chihauhua, but I beat the shit out of her. Then my parents called me inside to eat Taco Bell for dinner and some people that I knew for New Jersey were there. This disturbed me because I haven't seen/thought of them in about a year. They were talking to me, but I couldn't say anything back, just give hand signals. The other had everybody, even Natasha in it, but was so weird for me, I'm not going into it. That's all for now
Blesses Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!Peace!!


My parents gave me an early graduation gift today. A new car radio with a CD player!!! If I fail a class, they're taking it back. I'm not worried. They also gave me an $80 dollar gift certificate to Best Buy. I'm going shopping. I don't know what to get! My dad also cleaned my car, but that was just because he didn't want to go anyway in a car with some dolls in it.
My mom was happy with the finding of the scholarships, she's just making me go to her job to work on them because she doesn't want to buy printer ink. I'm spending most of today getting ready for tomorrow, finding the right supplies and cleansing them. Hopefully I can remember everything.
Peter says he just has to put the html stuff on and my new layout will be complete. That's all for now.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!!Peace!!!


I have found four different scholarships. Hopefully that'll make my parents happy. On to the quick recap of Mad Mad House. We were able to have TNT, Geimer and I went to the NHS induction and scared several people. Afterward we went to Peter's and watched Mad Mad House. Tim was finally taken out, yeah!!!!! Don said did something funny, he made it look like he was going to try to eliminate the person who was immuned*snicker* The thing that Art did with hanging from the ceiling was awesome. I kind of felt sorry for Nicole, almost everybody is against her, it doesn't matter what she acts like, but they're taking it a bit out of proportion and if they take her out the others will try to do it again. Actually, it would be kind of funny because it would be guaranteed to blow up in their faces.
Just a reminder to everybody coming to Sunday's picnic: bring dirt.
If possible why don't you guys bring your favorite incense.
That's all for now.
Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Peace!