Greetings on the 4 of July

I finally got paid yesterday night, but can't do anything with it until Tomorrow. Blah..Poor Puck was in my car for so long that part of his hair faded to white and he doesn't have brown eyes anymore. They're a strange milky color. I think he looks cool, but others would most likely find him scarier than he was before. Oh well, he's still my puck.
My sis-in-law is gone. Love her and the kids, but 2 months is just way too long to try and entertain 2 little kids. Although I really do not know why she bothered going back when she's driving back down again at the end of July. My dad is just glad her dog is gone. I think he would've tossed the dog out the kitchen window if he found anymore poop.
I finally was able to get back in contact with DJ and Lexi and we've been hanging out for the past few days which is great because it gets me out of the house. I keep slipping into my bad habit of locking myself into my cave of a room. I still love the silence, but I'm having some trouble readjusting to the kinda lonely way things used to be, before senior year of CHS. It wasn't a bad loneliness, just the comfy rut that comes with constant routine. Let me stop before the flash back swirly-things start to appear.