Everybody cheer for this is an update *\(^o^)/*

So much to say after so long a silence. Lets get started!
I started and finished my PPB, which was where I followed a teacher as she taught her class and practice working with students. Those kids were so sweet and they always asked for me to help them read or work on an assignment. I got to learn and see a lot of different parts to teaching and how to work a class. I'm glad I was with this teacher, who was said to be one of the best in this particular school.
I went to New Jersey for a wedding this last weekend. Getting to go was an adventure in itself. At first I wasn't going to be able to go because of a test that Monday. Then I could go with my brother, then I couldn't go because they didn't have enough room, then I could go if my sis-in-law finished her homework, because they had to go as a family, then I couldn't go because they didn't have the money to put the pets in a kennel. I finally could go, but I had to help my sis-in-law take a test and do homework. Blah! But it was worth it to see the family again. My cousins are so big and smart. Catholic wedding services are long and B-O-R-I-N-G. My poor mom had to wear an ugly dress that only she and the bride's older sister wore. My brother got tipsy at the reception and danced. The trip back took forever because my brother and his family had to take a half an hour break every two hours. I got back to Statesboro at 12 on Monday and still made an 80 on the test. Go Me!!
I had to go home this weekend due to car problems. My poor baby was about to fall apart- new muffler, new barring, a new rim, 2 new tires all in one month. It was sad. Today, my parents decided to go to Renfest and take advantage of the 2 for 1 tickets for opening day. We made the mistake of waiting until 10 a.m. to leave and got stuck in lines for about an hour, but I saw a dark elf, lots of men in kilts, and the tightest tops ever!! Too bad I didn't have a camera. But, I did get new horns that are bigger than my old ones and a new top.
BTW, want to go back the 2nd weekend in May. The 4 packs are still available online, but it's going to be 21.25 a person. It's not a bad price for tickets, food, drink, a game, and a $10 off rental. My parents donated they're house for people who need somewhere to stay. I think I'm going to do that since it's only 45 minutes from the festival grounds. Anyway, those who wish to join know where to find me.