past and future and feelings

I've had really weird dreams and feelings lately. i guess I'll start with the omen. A little less then a month ago a bird flew into the window at the downtown location while I was sweeping outside and died right in front of me. The second I walked in I found out that the downtown would be closed Tuesday, but that didn't feel right, like some more bad news was on the way. As of today, I found out the downtown one is closing down. There was one more, I just can't remember every part of it at the moment, so I'll move on to the dreams.
One of the dreams happened in the medieval time period. I just remember running through a castle in a deep green dress and feeling worried, very worried. Like I was going to miss something, that I didn't want to happen, but didn't want to miss it either. The walls were bare, like we were being either kicked out or moved.
The other dream was the future, like five years or so. Peter was there, I could see him, and Cat was there, I could feel her just behind me. Everybody was excited because it was a reunion of some sort. I heard several names mentioned, Quita's was one of them.
I need to have clearer dreams, I wonder if there's a ritual to help me.