How would you react to a person that either showed up an hour late or didn't show up at all everyday she was on the schedule this past week? How about two people doing that? I was so mad at one of those girls today when she did show up I ended up snapping at her. Starting from the beginning: The girl showed up and hour late(bad), but she called and said she would(OK). She then sliced up doner meet and put it on the grill, so I had to correct her(bad). She went on a smoke break after being at work for only half an hour(bad). I snapped when she decided to get on her phone(non-emergency reason-I wouldn't have mind if it was an emergency) then got an attitude when I ask her(nicely at first) to get off of it. Oh Lords, I had to step away from the cutting board and was about to confront her right there. The owner saved my job, because if she hadn't asked me to help a customer there would've been some nasty words and I know it would've ended with shit being thrown. As I walk out to help, I heard her say "Who does she think she is?" Helped the customer, waited until he left, and told her who I was. The boss saved my job again by physically pulling me out the room and having me sit on the couch. I would quit my job for just one good punch and I say that for very few people, in fact, she's the first. Doubtful that we'll be working together anytime soon, which is said because I think I was the last person able to tolerate working with her.

In all of that anger I forgot to say that I got a new tattoo and a 2005 Chevy cobalt.


Have you ever...

...wanted to honk your horn at the car next to you and say "I don't get your license plate. What are you trying to say?" Maybe I'm just dense or something to think that people should be able to figure out the vanity plates.


What a fucking day...

should've just gone home when the person that was suppose to be working with me showed up 15 minutes late then went straight out the back door to make a phone call. I even called the other restaurant thinking that she may have went there. We were locked out of the office, freezer, Italian ice freezer, and coke machine until about11:30. The lighter we use for the fryer died so we had to borrow one, but that wasn't long enough, so we burned a piece of cardboard to light it. The ice machine refused to make ice, so we had to run next door with a cooler twice. We had no big containers of tzatziki until 12:30, so we were using little cups that were magically prepared yesterday(thank the gods). Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, the girl who was late melted a small hole in a tube connecting water to the tea maker and sprayed water all over the hot electric stuff. Luckily, the hole was small and close to the end and nothing was damaged(thank the gods again). And just to end it right, a young couple came in and started with the googly stare(look into my eyes, they are hypnotic, no?), the girl ended up on the guys lap, then they disappeared for gods know how long only to reappear from the restroom area as I was about to lock up. The owner said that if they weren't out in ten minutes I had to go after them. I didn't keep track of time. There just certain things I don't want to see, especially on a day like today. Aside from that things have been normal. No, I got a drunk call at 1 a.m.(I hope the person responsible feels my evil glare)