A new cousin is born

My aunt had a 10 pound 1 ounce baby girl at 12 today. Don't worry, it wasn't a natural birth. The doctors were worried that the baby would get stuck. This birth also puts me at 2 for 2 in gender guessing. My dreams never lie, though people tend to laugh at them.
My brother and his family are here. Little Christian has his first teeth coming in, his fangs!He also does a funny smirk when I call him little minion.
As for Christmas, I got a new computer(my laptop sizzled and died) with a printer, some stuff from Bath and Body works, a digital camera, jewelry, money, a fuzzy blanket, and a ball of light that makes nature noises. For my dad, I bought a knife, imagine brass knuckles with three knives attached. It's so cool!!! One day the vast collection will be mine*drool*. I also found him a black and white pic of Bruce Lee on one of his movie sets. My mom got shoes that massage her feet and a genie lamp for her collection.
This year for New Years, my parents want to go out for dinner because no family is coming down for the first time in years.

A New Discovery: I recently found out that I was never baptized as a baby, I was only "Presented to God." I'm the only person in the family to have had this because my brother was baptized when he first entered the Air Force. This is an interesting way for me to begin a new year.


Happy Solstice & Merry Christmas

I would also like to wish my Tio Jesus(everybody calls him Papo) a happy Birthday.


Butterflies on the moon

A quick room update: The curtains aren't velvet as I wanted, but they are black with silver moons and stars. My parents put the futon from the old guest room into my/guest room, so it now has a couch on which I am putting black and silver pillows with silver butterflies on them, not my choice.
Anyway, DJ stopped by the house yesterday and we talked for a little while and exchanged numbers because neither one had the other. Unfortunately, I gave him my old cell number. I also saw Jamie on Friday and met her boyfriend(I'll only say this: she manages to find the most interesting people to love). We ran into some dude at BAM who she knew but I didn't. After we left, she told me that he thought I was "exceptionally cute". I hope that by the tenth guy, one of them will say something to my face(3 boys since college started).*sigh* That's all in my life. LATER
*Note to Peter: When are you coming to Columbus for a visit?



I've been out of school for a week now and am ready to go back I'm ready to go back I'm so bored, but can't go back till Jan 9. The Thur-Wed at my brother's house was fun, but the two days at my parent's house is boring because I haven't been doing anything. I must describe my/guest room, it's nice. One wall is black(about time), the other three are orange/peach/tan depending on the light and who's looking at it, a ceiling fan, all my posters are framed, my tapestry is getting put up soon(unless my parents take it for the living room), porcelain dolls on both sides of the bed, while my black wings are on a mirror background framed in black painted wood and the halo over it, and the floor is a fake black marble with matching sheets. I'm going to make black, maybe velvet, curtains for the window. They made my dream room AFTER I leave. My dad redid the kitchen and they completed the weight/knife room.
Now for school: 4 As and 2 Bs at the end which was a complete surprise because I was expecting 2 Cs. Next Semester: Economics, English, College Algebra, Geography, and Geology. Except for English at 4(which I didn't have a choice in), my classes end at 1:00. I also have a nice gap between classes, so I'm happy. That's everything in my life.



Sorry I couldn't join the group for Thanksgiving, I went up North. It was alright, I didn't get to bake*tear* That's all I wanted to do. Oh well, went to Washington D.C. for a couple of hours on the way home. They have fat squirrels there. Jenna(sis-in-law) and I named all but one Chubs, the extra one we named Sqog, because he was a big black squirrel that looked like a squirrel-dog mix. My finals are all next week, one a day until Thursday, my dad is graduating from internet college next Thursday(12/16), and members of the family got food poisoning from the meat in their Wendy's burgers(LOL, silly meateaters). I know it's mean, but I warned them not to eat fast food.
That's everything. LATER