Tip please... just a small one?

Wednesday night was wonderful and I wish it could continue forever and ever as it is my only contact with human life outside of work and home. Monopoly kicks ass!
As to the title of the blog, today two large groups(more than 8 people) came in at the same tame and ordered a shit load of food, picky about it too(Philly no onions with unseasoned fries or potatoes cut into small cubes or a salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and feta only). And we had people come in by themselves as well. A line almost out the door with only 3 people to do it all. We only got $2 tip total, WTF!!!! And that didn't come from either of the large groups. What the hell is wrong with people these days? I understand that tips are optional at my job, but if you could come with a large group, then tip as you would at any other restaurant.
With this on my mind, came home to find out that my bro now has a weekend job at a pizza place. Again, WTF!!!! Sis-in-law takes care of the kids and goes to school, but I know my bro helps with the kids when he's home, he goes to school too and he's in the military, so all the at-home mothers can't be "stay-at-home moms have jobs too". NO! My mom had 2 kids and a job and grandma had 4 kids and a job. A person in the military shouldn't need another job. I hate to say it, but I think he would've been better off if he got the divorce( he talked to me about having regrets before). Now he can't use adultery against her because he took her back. I don't want to be in their vow renewal ceremony because I can't support such a marriage. Bitchy statement, but the way she treats him is angering.
So frustrating, time to go throw daggers at the fence or something.



I worked 13 hours yesterday. An hour of that time was spent setting up a catering at Jordan High School for a bunch of rich people trying to make themselves feel good because they donated less then 1% of their mass fortunes, which few of them actually made themselves, and they look down on me and the people that came with because we didn't dress in damn near ball gowns. I've never felt like a servant until I looked at the snooty looks, like the owners should've given them the food because they are rich and donated this money. I don't understand the concept of poor people having to pay for stuff, while rich people have it thrown at them or are begged to use it or wear it or whatever. The servant feeling didn't last long though. The ones who were also setting up made me laugh about the whole thing.
The rest of the time was spent at the restaurant working with girls who have never worked at the downtown location before, but they were cool to work with and helped a lot. They were sent home and I was going to go an hour later, but Elvis Wade, an Elvis impersonator, decided he wanted a midnight snack. He's a cool guy, he's not one of those that tries to be Elvis 24/7. By the time he leaves and everything is cleaned up, it's 1 in the morning. I go home and can't fall asleep until after 3 and my dad wakes me up to go out for mother's day breakfast at 8. I feel like my mom only had a lukewarm welcome to my mother's day gift because she thinks I bought it in basket form, which I've never done. I bought all the stuff for it, but made the basket in my own way. She holds homemade gifts up higher then bought gifts, especially for mom's day. Go figure.


Fuckin' Awesome!!!!

Renfest was great. It was nice to see Peter again. The most interesting Friday night I've had outside of work in a while and I was just watching the people make the costumes until all hours of the morning. I finally got my corset and a shit load of weapons.

I got home and finished up my bedroom and it's purple and black and spiffy. The black wall is a giant chalkboard, which every visitor must sign. Found out that my manager is a blacksmith and a leather smith and is willing to teach me how to make weapons and armor after he builds the forge he's been working on in his backyard. Elvis Wade(Elvis impersonator) is coming into Imbis Friday and Saturday, so the shop is going to busy. There's another catering job on Saturday along with the CSU graduation. Luckily, the shop is closed for mother's day, which is a good thing considering I won't have another day off until Memorial day weekend. I love this business though. I don't know why, but I do.