HAPPY SAMHAIN !!! Go trick-or-treat around the dorms and have fun. You may be in college, but that doesn't mean you have to grow up.


Blah feelings

I was up until 3:00 this morning to register for spring classes. Why? Because this school likes to torture its students whenever possible. The good news is that I got all the classes I need. The bad news is that I have classes until 6:15 or 6:50 Monday-Wednesday, but my first classes aren't until 11:00 and there are no Friday classes.
11:00- 12:50= Intro to Special Education
1:00 - 2:50= Intro to Inst Tech
5:00 -6:15 Biology
11:00-2:50= PBB Practicum
3:30- 4:45= College Algebra
5:00 -6:50= Foundations of education
11:00- 12:50= Human Growth and Development
5:00- 6:15= Biology
11:00- 2:50= PBB Practicum
3:30- 4:45= College Algebra
It could be worse, 5 of the classes had to be taken at the same time and in certain blocks, basically morning(1 class at 8:00) or afternoon(1 class at 11:00).
On to other things. I drove home at 8:00 the morning because I love torturing myself(small amounts of sleep didn't feel this bad in high school). I just need an escape from the apartment walls. That and the urge to go to Flat Rock Park, which as been bugging me for about a week or too. Hopefully, a walk will be taken tomorrow.


Change of Mind

The happiness at the freedom granted freshmen year has totally abandoned me to the realization that it wasn't true freedom at all. I now long to be totally free of this learning process set by people who don't know me, probably never will, and don't even care about that mere fact. It bores me in it's lack of challenge, so I must make my own. Yet, I'm sick of doing that task and have been since high school. This education is paid for, so why must it be a repeat of all that came to me for free. Maybe one day I'll win a shit load of money and not have to worry about anything besides learning everything I want to learn. That maybe a teaching style I use, ask the students, worth a shot.
I'm giving up my meatless life style. I grow tired of not being able to taste everything that life puts before me and actually have been craving a few things. It's so weird to me that, after a year, I want certain meaty products. I don't I'll be going back to McDonald's or BK or any other fast food place in the near future, most of the things I want are homemade(roast pork and hot wings my dad made). I also want a Turkey Leg at Renfest. Knowing my behaviors, I'll get there and want the fish and chips or something. It's still early in the day(but still late since I've been up since 5:30. My sleep schedule is fucked up and getting worse now that I'm recovering from an equally bizarre eating schedule where I haven't eaten before 1-2:00 in the past few days), I think I'm going to work on my Halloween costume.


Due to demand...

a quick update on my life. I'm now the secretary and head of the community service committee of the history club. Those people are serious about their club. Way different from JAFA. Lindsay and I went on the JAFA camping trip and a grand total of two other people showed up. I still think it was the greatest camping trip ever. We walked to an old bridge/museum and learned stuff about the area, then went to the park. One of the guys had a bunch of energy, so he ran back to they campsite as we three left stared thinking "did he really just run?"then stared at the car as he picked us up. We made a fire, well Lindsey and I laughed at the guys gathering wood because they refused our assistance. We laughed even harder as they began throwing the big logs at a tree to break them. The four of us played a game of 20 questions, then the worlds fastest game of tag then worked to build a bigger fire. Once again, the guys did the heavy labor, but they had a hatchet this time, still ended up tossing logs at trees. After all that work, we left at midnight and got some pizza in Statesboro. That's why it was great. As Dusty, JAFA president, put it "All the fun of camping, but you get to sleep in your own bed." I must be off now, I have an assignment to finish.