Political Statement

For the past few days, some jackass has been erasing my Samhain count down and removing Katie's Bush bumper sticker(don't like Bush, but it's still wrong) from the door. I got sick of it today and have duck taped everything to my door, including the part of the Bill of Rights that says stuff about freedom of religion and speech. I'm also working on a larger sign to count down to Samhain. Others are duck taping things to their doors too. Unless the person knows four different schedules, nothings coming down (I'm working on other holidays).
Anyway, onto my Halloween costume- I'm wearing a skirt, a pretty shirt, knee high platform boots, fangs, horns, and a cloak. The cloak had one of those stupid string-ties, so I replaced it with one made of hematite. It's all black or silver.
A few days ago, a girl calling me retarded because I wasn't a Christian. Me and her had a talk. We understand each other now, and are becoming close friends, it’s nice. She still worries about me sometimes, but that's for different reasons (I'm special!!) ;P


Life is vapor

Nothing lasts forever. I spent the weekend at my brother's house and played with my nephew. He's going to be a minion, he has my smirk and only does it when something is about to happen. My parents came with Fluffy, it was good to see her. I also got to meet Butters, a dog that smiles when you say his name. I didn't do too much, but I went to the mall and got my my fangs. They are the normal ones, but I'm going to by the shredders sometime in my future. Happiness and tranquility never lasts. I left early on Sunday, would have left Monday morning, but I had a group presentation in my morning class and knew that my group wouldn't have it done(sounds mean, but you don't know my group). I was right, they didn't even take all the pictures, and I did all but ten!Ten pictures between three people isn't that hard. In the process of getting the pictures, I made a lady feel special, I called her a goddess and said that I worship the lab she works in for getting the pictures done in a half an hour.
I had another weird dream the day before I left for my brother's house(Wednesday night). It was really short. Anyway, everybody was in it and they were separated into two groups, some in Geimer's car, the rest in my car, but Peter was driving my car and I was walking. So Peter and Geimer would drive a few feet and I would jog and meet them, then they would drive a few feet more and I would do some more jogging. That was my entire dream, but the weird thing is that I woke up and my legs were actually hurting. I think I figured it out, it only happens when somebody insults Puck, he doesn't like it, I guess.



This week is only at the half way point and I've had weird dreams that a psychology major couldn't answer(I asked). #1 happened Saturday/ Sunday morning- My bro cheats on his wife with some guy's girlfriend and the guy said that he can sleep with my bro's wife, but gets a no, so he pulls out a gun, they get into a fight, and the guy gets shot in the shoulder. My brother is like holy shit, we gotta get him to the hospital and then we're in a car driving to Atlanta- me driving, a random girl next to me, my bro in the back next to the guy, and my dog, who got injured and was bleeding. The car stalls, so we take a shortcut through the woods and run into a random couple, who let us borrow their car, a red thunderbird. Somehow, before we got into the car, we lose the guy and my dog gets decapitated, but the head is still alive and eating food, the girl told me not to worry that she'll(my dog) be fine. We get to Atlanta, and have to cross a bridge, the area around the city was flooded. We get to the hospital/veterinarian's office(it's a two in one). My dad is there, something is up with my mom. Anyway, we realize that we forgot my dog's body so my dad went to get it, because we didn't put it on ice. So my dad leaves and Katie's wakes me up going "oh shit, I'm late for church!"
#2 happened this morning- I'm in a contest to get a BAM giftcard and the final part of the contest is to make it down an obstacle course without falling into water which is full of tiger sharks and jellyfish. The course is two stories up and made of wood, there are two stepping spots, a small round stump and another that goes in a sharp slant, and then you have to shimmy down a giant log. Seems easy, but nobody was able to do it. Because I got the closest I won, but nobody wanted to come in the water to get me. Then I'm at some coffee shop with Quita and the random girl from dream #1. I tried to put a disc in a laptop, even though the monk(a Buddhist monk, I think) told me not to, and I got electrocuted. As I was losing consciousness, I heard him say something like not anyone can reach his secrets so easily. Why are my dreams so vivid and why aren't they good? I was told that it could mean I'm mentally disturbed in some way and need some help, but I don't want that. Who the hell is that girl?I've never seen anybody who look like her or had her voice, it was very calming. And the monk? I'll admit, I'm reading a Buddhist book, but this hasn't happened before, so why now? Who is the he the Buddhist monk talked about? LATER