This week is only at the half way point and I've had weird dreams that a psychology major couldn't answer(I asked). #1 happened Saturday/ Sunday morning- My bro cheats on his wife with some guy's girlfriend and the guy said that he can sleep with my bro's wife, but gets a no, so he pulls out a gun, they get into a fight, and the guy gets shot in the shoulder. My brother is like holy shit, we gotta get him to the hospital and then we're in a car driving to Atlanta- me driving, a random girl next to me, my bro in the back next to the guy, and my dog, who got injured and was bleeding. The car stalls, so we take a shortcut through the woods and run into a random couple, who let us borrow their car, a red thunderbird. Somehow, before we got into the car, we lose the guy and my dog gets decapitated, but the head is still alive and eating food, the girl told me not to worry that she'll(my dog) be fine. We get to Atlanta, and have to cross a bridge, the area around the city was flooded. We get to the hospital/veterinarian's office(it's a two in one). My dad is there, something is up with my mom. Anyway, we realize that we forgot my dog's body so my dad went to get it, because we didn't put it on ice. So my dad leaves and Katie's wakes me up going "oh shit, I'm late for church!"
#2 happened this morning- I'm in a contest to get a BAM giftcard and the final part of the contest is to make it down an obstacle course without falling into water which is full of tiger sharks and jellyfish. The course is two stories up and made of wood, there are two stepping spots, a small round stump and another that goes in a sharp slant, and then you have to shimmy down a giant log. Seems easy, but nobody was able to do it. Because I got the closest I won, but nobody wanted to come in the water to get me. Then I'm at some coffee shop with Quita and the random girl from dream #1. I tried to put a disc in a laptop, even though the monk(a Buddhist monk, I think) told me not to, and I got electrocuted. As I was losing consciousness, I heard him say something like not anyone can reach his secrets so easily. Why are my dreams so vivid and why aren't they good? I was told that it could mean I'm mentally disturbed in some way and need some help, but I don't want that. Who the hell is that girl?I've never seen anybody who look like her or had her voice, it was very calming. And the monk? I'll admit, I'm reading a Buddhist book, but this hasn't happened before, so why now? Who is the he the Buddhist monk talked about? LATER

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shaquita said...

i was in a dream...yes..so lets see..these are the weirdest dreams that i have ever heard of. let's hope they dont mean anything bad...did anything weird happen during the day when you had these dreams. at first glance before i went back and read that it was a dream..i thought the first dream was something that really happened..until i was halfway throught it adn i was like WHAT? rewind? wow! i dont know what to tell you. dude, the group is getting together this weekend even junior should be there. its gonna be sweet. fall break with my people...staying over at rachels instead of with my parents. well, i gotta go.ttyl.