I'm back from a college visit at Georgia Southern. Right now i'm watching Pet Shop Of Horrors, it's not exactly like the manga in terms of order of the stories shown, but it's nice. The only problem is that the bunnies don't take over the city. As for my trip, the campus is very nice and there is a whole bunch of stores and such in the area. I like it, now if i can just get in. If i get accepted then i'll try for the international students dorm. I'll get to hang out with the exchange students from germany, spain and japan!!!!! Hope, hope, hope!!! The ISD is the only dorm for incoming students that's actually an apartment with a kitchen, so i don't have to get a meal plan. The finantial information given was the same thing given by mrs. sheperd, so there was no point in doing that, but my mom made me sit through it anyway. The only thing that bothered me came right before and right after the open house. My parents couldn't find the place and were about to leave for Savannah, much annoying to me, but found the sign right before we left the area. Then on the way back, we got lost a couple of time, not on the way there, but back. Anyway, that's my trip. Blessed be! Peace
(Sidenote to Peter" Is Count D suppose to have two different color eyes?)


Warning: I got shit to get off my chest
There are things in this life that just piss me the fuck off. Explanation- I have to type a paper about something that I feel is unjust or unfair. As I have been following this election, mostly because I'm voting(as is everybody else, even if I have to drag you by your ears damn it!!) and don't want to put in a total jack ass, I felt doing one that is a thing in the election this year would be app. Brittany Sansbury almost took my idea, but she was transferred to another class, so I took it back. My decision-gay marriages in the United States. For days after the assignment was given, I still mulled over the idea, thinking about doing something else, something not so controversial. This past Saturday made the decision for me. An article on the back of the Ledger talked about adding an amendment to the Georgia Constitution, maybe even the US Constitution, banning gay civil unions(translation: if you're gay and your partner becomes a vegetable, you can't do shit- you could have known that person for 30 years, but, in the eyes of the law, you might as well be a stranger !! )Upon reading this I actually got out of an emotional void I'd been trapped in for about a week- End of Explanation.
I wonder how old the people surveyed are and where they're from. A poll said that 61% of people polled in who knows where agree with doing this. So I want to know from anybody who reads this, is this polling accurate? Spread the question around! Am I the only one who feels that any bastard who votes this into effect is helping to deny a basic freedom(look it up- amendment 9- you can't deny one group of people w/out denying the others, which is why they are trying to amend the constitution) and is heterosexist(actual word!!! A person who's not homophobic but seeks to deny homosexuals right because they are an inferior person- kind of like a sexist or racist)
I'm shutting up now so my eye can stop twitching. Just ending with this: opinions are assholes and everybody's got one, but nobody, NOBODY, is telling me or my friends or even my enemies who they can or can't fall in love with!!!


I can do a partial update , finally! I was grounded for two weeks, but most of the things my parents said i couldn't do were taken back within the first few hours. The rest were taken back by Saturday, unfortunately, it happened when there wasn't much time left to have much fun. It doesn't matter. I haven't been feeling much of anything since the family session a week ago. My parents think i'm becoming more involved and telling the family more, but all i tell them is stuff and names they should've already known. They're either good actors or horrible listeners.
Going backward in time. I think Fluffy was tapped by a moving vehicle, not hard enough to do major damage, but she now refuses to leave the backyard, and was limping for a bit. A little bit furthre back, to New Years. I hate New Years almost as much as I hate x-mas. I used to be able to partake in the ceremonial drinking of wine at midnight(since i was 12), but, because my uncle came, i was lucky to get champagne. They didn't even let me touch the sparkling grape juice. i'm not allowed to practice mixing drinks anymore either.
Enough with the past. My brother is suppose to come down this weekend. My mom is having me go shopping with her and Jenna(bro's wife) for maternity clothes and baby stuff. In march, my parents are going to Texas for military reasons, while i'm stuck here. They were going to send me to my uncle's for the week, but i became a total bitch so they asked the neighbor. They, for some reason, refuse to let me stay with any friends. No matter.
The bell's about to ring, so I must go.
Blessed Be!!Peace!


I'm sorry it's taking so long to update, but you will have to wait until I have free time and internet connection at my house!!!