Make your reservations now!

With Samhain drawing close, so does my baking marathon. Though I'm annoyed that I won't be allowed to bake for Thanksgiving, I'll be baking for Yule. The first batch of pumpkin bread comes out on Saturday(3 loaves, claim 1 now). I think I'm going to try a pumpkin roll for Yule, along with a chocolate espresso cheesecake, and maybe red velvet cake. Why am I making plans right now, 2 months in advanced? I needed a break from homework. My mentor is letting me teach a 3 day unit on figurative language and my professor will be in to observe the one on Friday. The good news about it is that I'll be pretty much done with my observations. I still have to work on my outline for Historical Methods(along with that 5 page paper), revise my History of GA paper, and presentations for 3 classes. I guess I should get back to all of that.


An update. yep an update.

So my dad went to Miami for the week and for some reason bugs are just coming from everywhere to the house. I laugh my ass off about it, especially the giant roach that just crawled into the house when Fluffy walked in a half hour ago. Seeing my mom chase a roach with a big container of poison(it's suppose to be outside use only, but we ventilated) was amusing.
I was thinking about quiting Imbis for Winn Dixie, but have decided to stay because the people are too much fun. They reduced my hours a little bit, but I needed it to concentrate on my school work done. School is school, the work is never ending. I did my first lesson plan on Friday. It wasn't as bad as it could've been, but I don't think I'll do group work for the next lesson. They tried really hard to get me to give the answers. They got into it toward the end. Its amazing what asking why will do for students. I don't want to use a reward system, but it seems like that's what they're used to, so it'll either be that or a punishment system and I don't want to do that either. Hopefully, my next lessons will be more exciting instead of this almost review lesson.