Ever look at your bank statement...

...and realize that the money the bank took out for your PARENTS overdraft protection is the exact amount needed to buy a book? Ever had them swear up and down that they put it back into the account and, when confronted with the fact that there's still no change from the withdrawal, say they put it in the other one?
They have too much access to my money for the trust I don't have. I bet they would have flipped out if their parents did the same to either of them.
Anyway, I now have to return some clothes tomorrow and use that to buy books, as well as some needle and thread to sew up holes in my old jeans so my mom won't fuss about them as much.


of like and love

I've been thinking about the concept of love and like. Why is it that love, which should be the deeper emotion, is given out so easily? Why is it possible to love, but not like?(I love you, but I don't like you.?) One is suppose to love your neighbors, enemies, and all those as you love yourself, but what if you don't like yourself, would that mean you do not love yourself? Would it mean you don't have to love your neighbors or enemies anymore. And with family, do you have to love your family just because they are of blood relation? Must you really love your siblings because you all have the same mother? And yet at the same time, you don't have to like them? Is it possible to love people you never met, but not like the people you've spent years with? Is it all some lazy shortening of a list of things you don't like about the person(I love you, but I don't like how you/when you do...) How long can that list become before you can say that you don't love the person anymore? With friends, is it always just like, no matter how deep the friendship is or is it possible to love a friend in a different way from a lover or family member? Are there different types of love? Are they all equal or can one be placed on a higher level that cannot be moved around?
I'm rambling now, so I guess I should stop.