Oh Goddess it hurts!!

To those of you who don't have to worry about gas, I say this- kiss my big latina ass!! You all suck!! To those who still live in Columbus and have to deal with the gas there- Sucks to be you (especially Geimer, what's it like @ $3.2something for premium?) I hear that they're going to start rationing the gas tonight over there. They may be doing it over here, but it won't matter. People rushed the gas stations at 2:00 today, when all the stations were $2.95 or more. Spent $25 to fill 3/4 a tank after waiting in line for a half an hour. I'm surprised at the lack of people on the corners saying repent now, because this is probably going to be the time when they have the best audience. I fear for the fate of the natural world as people get more desperate for a vanishing item instead of just riding a bike to the places somewhat close. I plan on doing that, it's not that hard to do. People of the nitendo and computer generation, I call all you forth too exercise. I can just hear the collective wail. Maybe we'll go back to the horse and buggy, that would be amusing. A car on neutral with four horses on the highway. I know that there would still be a person with only one or two horses in the fast lane and a shit load of pissed off people behind him.


The lowly monkey ran away with my mind!!

Damn you monkey. I just felt like being random. Apologies to the frightened humans. The second week of school and not much to talk about. The new school buses are on campus and working very well. Except when people cram in like a Hispanic did it, then it gets to be amusing. I should take that back, if a Hispanic crammed people on the bus, those luggage racks and laps would be used. My classes are fun, I have 2 teachers from Poland, both have a little trouble speaking english. The male teacher cursed the American grading system the first day of class. I have dance class this semester as well. It's enjoyable even though we're just learning the foxtrot. Eventually, we will so waltz, polka, swing, and Latin dances. I'm so excited. Right now I'm just looking for a job, which I must continue. LATER



It's my b-day. I should be all happy and stuff. I was for a while, really and truly happy. Got to see some of the guys yesterday, work was a breeze. Now I just want to punch something. My sis-in-law's mom called during dinner. Won't say anything about the conversation, but she ended up giving her own daughter a panic attack. They went home without even eating dinner. The father later calls my brother and blames them for what happened. He didn't even ask how she or his unborn grandchild were doing. If I get on the phone with either of them, I'm cursing them out. Bitches, I hate them, I would punch them if I could. It's not just for what they did to Jenna and Julian, but for the fact that this is the second time my birthday was sacrificed for that family and the shit they caused, which they also did on Christian's birthday.They tried to get out of going to their own grandchild's birthday party with some of the lamest excuses ever. I will not allow this to become a pattern. Next time they do this, Rob isn't talking to them, either me or one of the other members are. They will not fuck with this family and their daughter is now part of it.

Edit:: Thanks to everybody that wished me a happy birthday. It made me feel a lot better :)