A short update on my life

Spent spring break with my brother and his family, found a bunch of job applications, did nothing else (due to lack of money). Came back to school and did the normal school stuff. Went home this weekend for a wedding. It rained a lot (seems to do that at every wedding I've ever been to), but it was still nice. I'm going to learn how to make food into animal shapes someday. Anyway, I didn't leave Sunday as I planned because of my parents not wanting me to travel far in the bad weather, so I went to see Ring 2, it was better than the first.


Can't spell manslaughter without laughter!

The title is a quote from a story I was reading about JTHM. On that strange note, my parents came down for family weekend, but my bro and his family couldn't make it::tear::. We didn't do much, but I got the apartment off campus like I wanted. It's so nice! It also means that I'll be getting a job this summer, but not in Columbus, I'm going to North Carolina to help my sis-in-law out when my brother gets shipped over seas. Anyway, after the apartment we went to Savannah and walked along the beach, where I collected a bunch of seashells(I'll turn the ones with natural holes into jewelry). Then we went to the river walk and ate dinner there. That was it. I got my dad a katana for his b-day and won JTHM director's cut on E-bay. I'm spending spring break job hunting at my brother's place with help from the sis-in-law. Have no clue when I'll be back in Columbus as of now, maybe the second weekend in April. LATER


Camping fun

This past weekend was the JAFA camping trip at Magnolia Springs and it had a grand total of 4 accidents. On Friday, Lindsay and I got there around 2:30 and set up our tent. Then we went with 4 other people to collect the first batch of fire wood. When that was done, Lindsay, Jeremy, and I drove to a gas station to get some supplies we forgot. Unfortunately, we forgot matches, so we waited for somebody to come with them. Most of Friday night was spent just having casual conversations until people started going to sleep. It ended up with me, Lindsay, Todd, and Matt singing, Ricky on the cooking pot, and Dusty on the guitar and everybody else a sleep or listening to Ricky bagging on the pot. Everybody but Matt and Ricky(who had 6 cups of black coffee) went to sleep around 3 or 4 in the morning. BTW- Matt hurt himself cutting wood and Jeremy tripped on a fire pit, cutting both shins and breaking a flashlight. And I introduced many people to Puck. Saturday, people woke up between 8 and 11 a group started playing hackey sack, pretty soon everybody there was playing. After we stopped playing, people went hunting for wood. I found a nice looking fallen tree and sent the guys to chop it up(if they want to keep the tools let them work!) Dusty opened a blister while chopping the tree. People went to take a nap except for a few people. This group went to the spring, aquarium, and park, where the swing broke and Dusty fell and probably bruised his tailbone. I took a nap when we got back, woke up and joined everybody. Later in the evening, after everyone had something to eat, a game of "never have I ever" began. I learned more than I wanted to, but it was fun. Once again, it ended up with the same people from Friday. I went to sleep around 4, but barely fell asleep when Lindsay came in the tent and we decided to sleep in the car( it was just too cold!) We woke up around 10:30-11 and put our tent away in the rain, took some pictures and left.

I registered for classes this week and have 13 hours because my other class options have weird times. I don't have any Friday classes (yay! I think). Classes on Monday and Wednesday are from 12 to 4:45, while Tuesdays and Thursdays are for 12:30 to 4:45. My parents are coming down this weekend along with my brother and his family (maybe). Well, I have a paper to work on that's due in two hours.