Julian Xavier Rodriguez born September 8, 2005. He weighed 4 ilbs and 15oz. He was so little and I didn't get to hold him until Monday after he came home from the hospital. I was so mad that I couldn't look at him when I got in Thursday night. In fact, I didn't get to see him until Sunday afternoon after my parents left. In the end, I got the best picture as of yet. Him and Christian sitting next to each other. My brother got out of going to Iraq for now. Hopefully he won't be leaving until at least March. Anyway, this weekend I went to my first Savannah Pride ::waves rainbow flag::It was on the River Front, which many people believe took away from it because it's a major tourist spot. I must slightly agree because the area was too small for such a big group and instead of being stretched out down the entire area, it was just in clumps. It was still lots of fun. I went with a friend, Laura, and her father. She introduced me to another, Sarah, who I hung out with for a good chunk of the time as Laura left us to spend a couple of hours shooting guns in a silk top and ferret ears. Sarah was really cool, we walked around(sat around in some cases) and talked about a bunch of stuff. There was this one pagan store called moondancer that was small but really nice. I will go back there and buy it all one day. We tried to go to a club a after dinner, but it was $20 for anybody under 21. I was the only one and wouldn't have mind if they went in for a while, but they decided not to and we went to a comic book store and hunted around. Laura's father gave us a mini tour of the movie history of Savannah, which was cool. That guy knows more random information than I do, I wish to be like him when I grow up. It was a nice trip, but it ended too soon for me.


Hmm...I'm back in Statesboro, but for how long?

Not very long it seems, but I'm moving to fast. I now get to tell you, in all it's glorious detail, my time at UGA. As Peter said, my car was towed, but that happened in the middle. First I realized I forgot my debit card, so he and I walked to the bank(about 2 miles up hill both ways) on Saturday and had to stand in the drive through window because the lobby was closed. That was the most fun I've ever had walking. I had Gir and my favorite extra baggy pants while Peter had his big umbrella. Life can't get much better than that, except for maybe smorgies, but I didn't get to participate in that. Next time I hope! Saturday, I tried to get Kalan kidnapped so that he and Catherine can spend some time together, but that didn't work out. If they want, I'll pick up Kalan one weekend and drive him to Athens, so his mom won't worry. I got to watch a game of D&D on Sunday, and that turned into a strange competition of which character had the biggest dick. Does it always turn into something like that? On Monday, I watched Family Guy and Invader Zim or played a game(Digital Devil Saga- I want it.) while people worked or rotated time with me. I felt so special. Tuesday, we got lost in the middle of the country trying to find the towing company, but it was lots of fun. I made up for the fact that I didn't go to any of my classes by following Peter to two of his. He is right though, that Art History class is BORING. I gave up trying to keep him awake and just poked him on the important stuff. The Literature class was pretty cool though. Even though I didn't read the stories, I got an idea of what they were about through the class discussions.
As for the title question, I'm not able to stay in Statesboro for 2 full days. I'm going to my bro's house to help the sis-in-law because she's having the baby tonight or tomorrow morning. Must go study for a test now. LATER