Don't run with that, you'll poke...nevermind *\(~_o)

Yeah, yeah. I suck at updating my blogs. meh. I went to Puerto Rico at the end of the July. It was nice, but I couldn't really speak to anybody. I'll post pictures on my photobucket one of these days.
Started school at CSU and they screwed up a bunch of my paperwork so I had to apply for emergency loan and pay out of pocket. It was and is weird seeing all these people from CHS walking around. I recognize all of them, but they don't remember me. I guess that should be expected, since I've changed a lot, at least in appearance. Schmitz sensei didn't even know me until she heard me speak.
Still working at the coffee shop, thought my parents want me to quit. They seriously doubt it will be in business for too long. I'm actually the last original member of the full time/ morning group. It's me and a new girl, who is very interesting. Our happy arguments entertain the people who come in, but she and I both take it too far for each other on occasion. It keeps things interesting between the rushes. I'll speak more on my adventures some other time.
LATER (^o^)