Ode to Joy

I finally got the JTHM comic! Ordered it 3 months ago, but shipped it to my brothers house and they didn't mail it to my house until after memorial day and it took another 3 weeks to get here for some reason. Now I desire the Squee collectors edition and have the means to get it. I now work at Blimpies full time. I like the people there and the job is alright. It's inside the super Walmart, so I can go shopping for school stuff on my break. What other randomness is going on in my life? My sis-in-law is pregnant and it's a boy, one aunt is also pregnant, and I think another aunt and uncle are separating or getting a divorce( I think everybody but my parents have had marriage problems these past 2 years).
I guess I should finish off with a dream I had. Lauren and Peter were in it. I ran into them next to a fountain in a city that seemed familiar(Savannah maybe) and hung out with them and a few others I didn't know. We were going to go and eat at a restaurant, but Peter didn't have any money. I told him that I would pay for it, no big deal. We split up to find our cars, but instead of waiting for them I drove home and sat down trying to think of what to say if they called and asked what happened. I woke up as my phone rang because my cell was literally ringing.


Weirdness of my subconscious mind

My sleeping mind called me crazy in a dream a couple of nights ago. Explanation: I had a dream taking place at CHS::shivers:: and they turned the hill in front into an arena for the Aztec game(the one where somebody gets sacrificed in the end) The group was there, I met up with them, then narration switched from me to Ruiz(I think if the dream was long enough everybody would've narrated) and he said, "Everybody in this group has something special to offer, even Ivette, who is totally insane. But nobody knows if it's in her head or mind."
This leads me to odd dream #2(happened an hour later), in which we have the communistic society. Instead of 1 huge house and a bunch of land, it looked like normal suburbia. Yet no outsiders(by these I mean the "normal" people in societal eyes) wanted to move anywhere near our suburbs. This made the area in about a ten mile radius nothing but forest and farmland. It seemed so plesant.