I'm stuck in the Boro

So I got stuck here this weekend for two reasons: 1) a hurricane is coming and the ability to get back is uncertain, 2) My parents took a bunch of money out of my account, so I have nothing. My parents will make it up to me though, I'm getting contacts, a cloak, and scarecrow fangs(shredder or x-tra long?). My dad is getting kicked out the army in October, but they're going to turn in a different ID card for me, so I can still shop on post. I'm going to visit my brother in a couple of weekends, he sold almost all of his dogs(3 left from 10) and is working on the cats. I think that's everything here. LATER

UPDATE: Classes got cancelled, the hurricane hit Sunday night, Monday morning. Nobody's trying to drive anywhere they don't deem needed. I'm working on a paper and studying. They tried to scare some students by saying we were going to have to go to class anyway. I won a $250 hooded velvet cloak on ebay for $25! LATER.


I finally went to the Club

I had a good time on Thursday. At least until some drunk dude swiped his hand across my chest and another tried to grind on me*shivers*, but that was near the end. I ended up being the defender of the girls dancing my way to those I knew and cutting some drunk asshole off. A couple of guys gave me looks of hatred and I just smiled. Ah, grief and anger*evil cackle*. I think I'm going to wear fangs the next time I go. Grief, anger, and fear, Yes!!!Anyway, on the stage there was soft core porn. Girls humping and kissing each other(for free drinks), I think a couple actually starting fingering each other. I actually stopped at one point and was like "they are not doing what I think they're doing. Oh my God!"I turned away from the stage after that. I had lots of fun dancing and singing and hanging out. I'm glad I didn't have classes on Friday as I didn't sleep until 5:00 in the morning.
I think I'm going home this weekend or next weekend, but I know I'm going to my brother's house in October. I'm cancelling the previous statement, I'm going to Japan Fest this weekend. Hopefully it will be better than last year. The Japan club is going. Anybody else?
I just finished my history test and I'm now gonna drown my tears in Butter Pecan ice cream(damn essay tests!) LATER.

P.S.: Can somebody please change my blog? I hate how it looks!:(


Shamans, Wiccans, and Cursed Ground

I recently found out something that explains my moodiness, weird dreams, and the driving desire to keep Puck next to me as I sleep. As it turns out, the entire county Georgia Southern is on was cursed by 13 shamans before Georgia became a colony then by 13 Covens when they were at war with each other. As it turns out, I'm not really welcomed on this land and that explains why I've been trying to find blessing spells all over the internet. How does this happen to me? LATER


New Moon

Is anybody really reading this site?
I feel really isolated from everything going on in other places. I look at everybody's blogs whenever possible even though I don't leave comments, so keep updating please!!! I wish for T.N.T. and anti-prom. Must go now. LATER.



Can somebody please change the layout of this blog?! I wish somebody would teach me. I'm back and classes continue, despite the down pour and the fact that umbrellas are breaking in record speed. I got an A- on my first paper in English. I think the Chaput was happy that I stated the uselessness of ideologies. My life is so boring, maybe I'll join the people at the bar tonight. I'll save it for Thursday. A group of girls want to give me a makeover, which includes skirts and p-I-n-k*shiver* Can't spell that word without loathing the people who made it popular. Anyway, this weekend: got my hair straightened, had spaghetti with a shitaki & portabello mushroom sauce(yumminess!), saw Alien v Predator, and ran into a couple of people. That's it . LATER
PS: I got my tires changed, it turns out the flat came first, which caused me to skid out of control.


Another attempt at updating

The blog is being picky. Anyway, I drove home yesterday. On the way, I got stuck in a storm, hydroplaned, skidded to the other side(middle section), and slashed the tire. The tire remained unknown till I tried to drive again. My parents were on there way. What did you expect, they had to know and I was in the middle of nowhere. I ended up replacing the tire with the help of a trooper named Clinton. I couldn't drive above 50mph, turning a 3 hour trip into a 5+ hour trip. I met my parents in Fort Valley(because they were paranoid) and got home around 10:30. This morning, I woke up and went to get my hair professionally straightened, then met my parents for lunch. I think that's everything. LATER.