Alright, so I lied

Well, the last statement from my previous blog didn't last very long. But, I decided to mend it, you will not hear a single word about my parents. I've decided I'm just a tenant paying for my stay through cooking and cleaning. Not too hard to do as it has felt like that for years. Anyways, I got a job doing easy stuff. I just answer the phones and greet people when they come into a real estate firm from 12-5. REALLY boring, but great money. It may go through the summer, it may not last until July. It all depends on if one of two girls can't get there schedule fixed so they can work here in the fall. I also got a temporary morning job in at a law office. Basically, they call when they need me. I also have a weekend job working at an antique shop. With some luck, I won't need a job during the fall. I've never been happier in the summer time. LATER


I hate it here

Fuck my brother, parents, this damn city(in Columbus by the way), and fate. My brother misheard my last day in school and has a bunch of people coming over throughout May, so there is no room for me, which forced me to go to my parent's house for the summer, where I need to get a job and stay for the whole summer. I shouldn't be in the same area with my parents for 4 days, let alone 3 months. I'm trying to get 1 full time day job and 1 part time night job or 3 part time jobs, just so I won't be home. I'm not going into any more detail about any of my time here and this may very well be the only entry for my entire summer, as most of it will be filled with rage.