I left my mind under a rock in the back yard. It's now dirty.

I've been at my brother's house for a week now helping my sis in law out with the two kids while my brother is in Iraq. I swear, he's not really over there. He's chillin' in the Bahamas or some place nice playing dominos with the other guys. It's the only way he can call people 20 some odd times a day. Yet he's too busy to call or e-mail his sister. BLAH!
Anyway, I was going to leave for home today to start work tomorrow morning, but the people haven't finished building the place yet, so I don't start until next week. Sis-in-law has shingles( a type of chicken pox for those who don't know) , so she needs some help to take care of the boys anyway. Even if she wasn't ill, she would need some help. Those boys have a lot of energy and Julian is growing his baby teeth. I'm not complaining, she gave me artistic freedom in her kitchen. Her parents are jealous because I've been cooking restaurant type food and desserts. Tonight, I get to try my hand at homemade pizza (^o^)*
I also have managed to cause little bits of havoc, but it's not my fault really. As a rule, if you're going to get a tattoo based off an image from an anime, at least try to find out if it has a real world meaning otherwise don't ask for my opinion or I will call you an idiot and give you the correct meaning. Now the in-law family is all arguing about the stupid thing. They asked!
Well now that I've sweated two pounds in the only room in this house without air conditioning, let me practice tossing pizza around.




Writing from home and staying here for now. I've got the official acceptance from CSU. So I got to hang out with Peter, Josh, and Lindsay at renfest this past weekend. It was fun I got weapons and they're sharp and very shiny (^_^) I like them! Lindsay got her corset, and Peter got an instrument, but I can't remember what it's called. It was fun. Anyway, after all the traveling, I fond out that I have to travel some more as I have been volunteered to help my sis-in-law with my hellish nephews. This time, I'm also taking her friend with me. Hopefully she likes Arabic music, rock and comedy. Hopefully, I can talk to her before Friday, find out anything, and warn her if she likes gospel, country, or hard core rap.



Happy demon with new horns roam GSU campus

I'm writing you from my ITEC final, on which I got a pitiful grade. Oh well. I made my own new website because of this class- irodrig1.tripod.com. Check it out- almost everybody's pic is on their, or will be as soon as I can get the software onto my computer. Renfest news- Lindsay and I are going to try to go either this weekend or next weekend. If I can either get my interview moved to this weekend or in 3 weeks, it'll be next weekend. If not, it'll be this weekend or in 3 weeks. I'm almost done with my costume. I've just been slacking on my leather top. It's hard to sew leather, but the jewelry and tiger print skirt are done. YAY!!*does happy dance* Now I must go and do other stuff, but I expect somebody to e-mail with days for renfesty fun*does dramatic drop on sofa that mysteriously appeared* I must see you people at some point this year.