Writing from home and staying here for now. I've got the official acceptance from CSU. So I got to hang out with Peter, Josh, and Lindsay at renfest this past weekend. It was fun I got weapons and they're sharp and very shiny (^_^) I like them! Lindsay got her corset, and Peter got an instrument, but I can't remember what it's called. It was fun. Anyway, after all the traveling, I fond out that I have to travel some more as I have been volunteered to help my sis-in-law with my hellish nephews. This time, I'm also taking her friend with me. Hopefully she likes Arabic music, rock and comedy. Hopefully, I can talk to her before Friday, find out anything, and warn her if she likes gospel, country, or hard core rap.


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Peter said...

It's an ocarina! Yay!
... Practice is a little slow going with it, but I'm trying! It only has one octave of range, so that makes things a little tough. Most songs go at least a note or two outside of that.
It was really fun to get to go with you guys!