The hardest thing is...

not having a heart, then getting one and wanting to be rid of it. (A phrase DJ and I came up with sometime ago.) I never used to care like this. Why now? Why have I allowed my opinions to go unnoticed? Allowed myself to fear doing something because of what people will say? I never gave a flying fuck. Why has it changed? I want to walk home in the rain and stand on the balcony just watching the moon. I want to randomly bust out my horns and walk around the campus while holding Puck. Why don't I? How has such simplistic freedoms been given up by me? This is what I think about at 3 and 4:00 in the morning. I think DJ calls me just so I drain his energy and he gets better sleep. No more calls at midnight from him. It's not too much of a difference from the normal amount of sleep I get, but still. Although, I did find out that, while I'm getting more sleep, it's still less then most people. Freaks. How can you waste so much time on something? 2-8 or 9 is fine, that's 6 to 7 hours worth, who needs more than that? How did I end up on sleep patterns? I'll ponder that as I work on other things for tomorrow. LATER



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The pictures on this site ARE NOT for the faint of heart/stomach. You have been warned

I adopted a cute lil' gothy fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!



HAPPY SAMHAIN !!! Go trick-or-treat around the dorms and have fun. You may be in college, but that doesn't mean you have to grow up.


Blah feelings

I was up until 3:00 this morning to register for spring classes. Why? Because this school likes to torture its students whenever possible. The good news is that I got all the classes I need. The bad news is that I have classes until 6:15 or 6:50 Monday-Wednesday, but my first classes aren't until 11:00 and there are no Friday classes.
11:00- 12:50= Intro to Special Education
1:00 - 2:50= Intro to Inst Tech
5:00 -6:15 Biology
11:00-2:50= PBB Practicum
3:30- 4:45= College Algebra
5:00 -6:50= Foundations of education
11:00- 12:50= Human Growth and Development
5:00- 6:15= Biology
11:00- 2:50= PBB Practicum
3:30- 4:45= College Algebra
It could be worse, 5 of the classes had to be taken at the same time and in certain blocks, basically morning(1 class at 8:00) or afternoon(1 class at 11:00).
On to other things. I drove home at 8:00 the morning because I love torturing myself(small amounts of sleep didn't feel this bad in high school). I just need an escape from the apartment walls. That and the urge to go to Flat Rock Park, which as been bugging me for about a week or too. Hopefully, a walk will be taken tomorrow.


Change of Mind

The happiness at the freedom granted freshmen year has totally abandoned me to the realization that it wasn't true freedom at all. I now long to be totally free of this learning process set by people who don't know me, probably never will, and don't even care about that mere fact. It bores me in it's lack of challenge, so I must make my own. Yet, I'm sick of doing that task and have been since high school. This education is paid for, so why must it be a repeat of all that came to me for free. Maybe one day I'll win a shit load of money and not have to worry about anything besides learning everything I want to learn. That maybe a teaching style I use, ask the students, worth a shot.
I'm giving up my meatless life style. I grow tired of not being able to taste everything that life puts before me and actually have been craving a few things. It's so weird to me that, after a year, I want certain meaty products. I don't I'll be going back to McDonald's or BK or any other fast food place in the near future, most of the things I want are homemade(roast pork and hot wings my dad made). I also want a Turkey Leg at Renfest. Knowing my behaviors, I'll get there and want the fish and chips or something. It's still early in the day(but still late since I've been up since 5:30. My sleep schedule is fucked up and getting worse now that I'm recovering from an equally bizarre eating schedule where I haven't eaten before 1-2:00 in the past few days), I think I'm going to work on my Halloween costume.


Due to demand...

a quick update on my life. I'm now the secretary and head of the community service committee of the history club. Those people are serious about their club. Way different from JAFA. Lindsay and I went on the JAFA camping trip and a grand total of two other people showed up. I still think it was the greatest camping trip ever. We walked to an old bridge/museum and learned stuff about the area, then went to the park. One of the guys had a bunch of energy, so he ran back to they campsite as we three left stared thinking "did he really just run?"then stared at the car as he picked us up. We made a fire, well Lindsey and I laughed at the guys gathering wood because they refused our assistance. We laughed even harder as they began throwing the big logs at a tree to break them. The four of us played a game of 20 questions, then the worlds fastest game of tag then worked to build a bigger fire. Once again, the guys did the heavy labor, but they had a hatchet this time, still ended up tossing logs at trees. After all that work, we left at midnight and got some pizza in Statesboro. That's why it was great. As Dusty, JAFA president, put it "All the fun of camping, but you get to sleep in your own bed." I must be off now, I have an assignment to finish.



Julian Xavier Rodriguez born September 8, 2005. He weighed 4 ilbs and 15oz. He was so little and I didn't get to hold him until Monday after he came home from the hospital. I was so mad that I couldn't look at him when I got in Thursday night. In fact, I didn't get to see him until Sunday afternoon after my parents left. In the end, I got the best picture as of yet. Him and Christian sitting next to each other. My brother got out of going to Iraq for now. Hopefully he won't be leaving until at least March. Anyway, this weekend I went to my first Savannah Pride ::waves rainbow flag::It was on the River Front, which many people believe took away from it because it's a major tourist spot. I must slightly agree because the area was too small for such a big group and instead of being stretched out down the entire area, it was just in clumps. It was still lots of fun. I went with a friend, Laura, and her father. She introduced me to another, Sarah, who I hung out with for a good chunk of the time as Laura left us to spend a couple of hours shooting guns in a silk top and ferret ears. Sarah was really cool, we walked around(sat around in some cases) and talked about a bunch of stuff. There was this one pagan store called moondancer that was small but really nice. I will go back there and buy it all one day. We tried to go to a club a after dinner, but it was $20 for anybody under 21. I was the only one and wouldn't have mind if they went in for a while, but they decided not to and we went to a comic book store and hunted around. Laura's father gave us a mini tour of the movie history of Savannah, which was cool. That guy knows more random information than I do, I wish to be like him when I grow up. It was a nice trip, but it ended too soon for me.


Hmm...I'm back in Statesboro, but for how long?

Not very long it seems, but I'm moving to fast. I now get to tell you, in all it's glorious detail, my time at UGA. As Peter said, my car was towed, but that happened in the middle. First I realized I forgot my debit card, so he and I walked to the bank(about 2 miles up hill both ways) on Saturday and had to stand in the drive through window because the lobby was closed. That was the most fun I've ever had walking. I had Gir and my favorite extra baggy pants while Peter had his big umbrella. Life can't get much better than that, except for maybe smorgies, but I didn't get to participate in that. Next time I hope! Saturday, I tried to get Kalan kidnapped so that he and Catherine can spend some time together, but that didn't work out. If they want, I'll pick up Kalan one weekend and drive him to Athens, so his mom won't worry. I got to watch a game of D&D on Sunday, and that turned into a strange competition of which character had the biggest dick. Does it always turn into something like that? On Monday, I watched Family Guy and Invader Zim or played a game(Digital Devil Saga- I want it.) while people worked or rotated time with me. I felt so special. Tuesday, we got lost in the middle of the country trying to find the towing company, but it was lots of fun. I made up for the fact that I didn't go to any of my classes by following Peter to two of his. He is right though, that Art History class is BORING. I gave up trying to keep him awake and just poked him on the important stuff. The Literature class was pretty cool though. Even though I didn't read the stories, I got an idea of what they were about through the class discussions.
As for the title question, I'm not able to stay in Statesboro for 2 full days. I'm going to my bro's house to help the sis-in-law because she's having the baby tonight or tomorrow morning. Must go study for a test now. LATER


Oh Goddess it hurts!!

To those of you who don't have to worry about gas, I say this- kiss my big latina ass!! You all suck!! To those who still live in Columbus and have to deal with the gas there- Sucks to be you (especially Geimer, what's it like @ $3.2something for premium?) I hear that they're going to start rationing the gas tonight over there. They may be doing it over here, but it won't matter. People rushed the gas stations at 2:00 today, when all the stations were $2.95 or more. Spent $25 to fill 3/4 a tank after waiting in line for a half an hour. I'm surprised at the lack of people on the corners saying repent now, because this is probably going to be the time when they have the best audience. I fear for the fate of the natural world as people get more desperate for a vanishing item instead of just riding a bike to the places somewhat close. I plan on doing that, it's not that hard to do. People of the nitendo and computer generation, I call all you forth too exercise. I can just hear the collective wail. Maybe we'll go back to the horse and buggy, that would be amusing. A car on neutral with four horses on the highway. I know that there would still be a person with only one or two horses in the fast lane and a shit load of pissed off people behind him.


The lowly monkey ran away with my mind!!

Damn you monkey. I just felt like being random. Apologies to the frightened humans. The second week of school and not much to talk about. The new school buses are on campus and working very well. Except when people cram in like a Hispanic did it, then it gets to be amusing. I should take that back, if a Hispanic crammed people on the bus, those luggage racks and laps would be used. My classes are fun, I have 2 teachers from Poland, both have a little trouble speaking english. The male teacher cursed the American grading system the first day of class. I have dance class this semester as well. It's enjoyable even though we're just learning the foxtrot. Eventually, we will so waltz, polka, swing, and Latin dances. I'm so excited. Right now I'm just looking for a job, which I must continue. LATER



It's my b-day. I should be all happy and stuff. I was for a while, really and truly happy. Got to see some of the guys yesterday, work was a breeze. Now I just want to punch something. My sis-in-law's mom called during dinner. Won't say anything about the conversation, but she ended up giving her own daughter a panic attack. They went home without even eating dinner. The father later calls my brother and blames them for what happened. He didn't even ask how she or his unborn grandchild were doing. If I get on the phone with either of them, I'm cursing them out. Bitches, I hate them, I would punch them if I could. It's not just for what they did to Jenna and Julian, but for the fact that this is the second time my birthday was sacrificed for that family and the shit they caused, which they also did on Christian's birthday.They tried to get out of going to their own grandchild's birthday party with some of the lamest excuses ever. I will not allow this to become a pattern. Next time they do this, Rob isn't talking to them, either me or one of the other members are. They will not fuck with this family and their daughter is now part of it.

Edit:: Thanks to everybody that wished me a happy birthday. It made me feel a lot better :)



I side swiped a speed limit sign today, but it wasn't my fault. I was going home from work after a heavy storm and an ambulance was in front of me. It signaled to go right, but then swerved back into the lane. I tried to stop but pretty much hydroplaned into the sign. Those fuckers didn't even stop to see if I was alright. The driver's side of my car is pretty bad, I may end up just having it considered totaled because it doesn't steer right. If my dad has his way, I'm getting an echo.
In a semi-lighter note, I sprained my wrist in a wrestling match with Geimer on Saturday. I didn't feel it until I woke up for work on Sunday, but I don't think it was anything compared to some of the pain he was in. Geimer, Kalan, Cat, and I ended in a strange match both times we got together.


Ode to Joy

I finally got the JTHM comic! Ordered it 3 months ago, but shipped it to my brothers house and they didn't mail it to my house until after memorial day and it took another 3 weeks to get here for some reason. Now I desire the Squee collectors edition and have the means to get it. I now work at Blimpies full time. I like the people there and the job is alright. It's inside the super Walmart, so I can go shopping for school stuff on my break. What other randomness is going on in my life? My sis-in-law is pregnant and it's a boy, one aunt is also pregnant, and I think another aunt and uncle are separating or getting a divorce( I think everybody but my parents have had marriage problems these past 2 years).
I guess I should finish off with a dream I had. Lauren and Peter were in it. I ran into them next to a fountain in a city that seemed familiar(Savannah maybe) and hung out with them and a few others I didn't know. We were going to go and eat at a restaurant, but Peter didn't have any money. I told him that I would pay for it, no big deal. We split up to find our cars, but instead of waiting for them I drove home and sat down trying to think of what to say if they called and asked what happened. I woke up as my phone rang because my cell was literally ringing.


Weirdness of my subconscious mind

My sleeping mind called me crazy in a dream a couple of nights ago. Explanation: I had a dream taking place at CHS::shivers:: and they turned the hill in front into an arena for the Aztec game(the one where somebody gets sacrificed in the end) The group was there, I met up with them, then narration switched from me to Ruiz(I think if the dream was long enough everybody would've narrated) and he said, "Everybody in this group has something special to offer, even Ivette, who is totally insane. But nobody knows if it's in her head or mind."
This leads me to odd dream #2(happened an hour later), in which we have the communistic society. Instead of 1 huge house and a bunch of land, it looked like normal suburbia. Yet no outsiders(by these I mean the "normal" people in societal eyes) wanted to move anywhere near our suburbs. This made the area in about a ten mile radius nothing but forest and farmland. It seemed so plesant.


Alright, so I lied

Well, the last statement from my previous blog didn't last very long. But, I decided to mend it, you will not hear a single word about my parents. I've decided I'm just a tenant paying for my stay through cooking and cleaning. Not too hard to do as it has felt like that for years. Anyways, I got a job doing easy stuff. I just answer the phones and greet people when they come into a real estate firm from 12-5. REALLY boring, but great money. It may go through the summer, it may not last until July. It all depends on if one of two girls can't get there schedule fixed so they can work here in the fall. I also got a temporary morning job in at a law office. Basically, they call when they need me. I also have a weekend job working at an antique shop. With some luck, I won't need a job during the fall. I've never been happier in the summer time. LATER


I hate it here

Fuck my brother, parents, this damn city(in Columbus by the way), and fate. My brother misheard my last day in school and has a bunch of people coming over throughout May, so there is no room for me, which forced me to go to my parent's house for the summer, where I need to get a job and stay for the whole summer. I shouldn't be in the same area with my parents for 4 days, let alone 3 months. I'm trying to get 1 full time day job and 1 part time night job or 3 part time jobs, just so I won't be home. I'm not going into any more detail about any of my time here and this may very well be the only entry for my entire summer, as most of it will be filled with rage.




I should have done this earlier, but I've been kinda busy. Anyway, Lindsay and I left for renfest Friday at 2:30, got lost, stuck in Atl rush hour,stuck in a downpour that had us going 30mph at some points, then locked out of the house we were staying at, getting inside a warm dry place at 7:30. After that it was all good. I spent so much more than I intended to, but it was so worth it. The dude that sells horns called me his hero, I got some imp ears, a fan, a weapon(peter has a pic of it somewhere), some gems, but no tail. Next year, I will have a tail, then I will save like $150 to buy the really nice cloak I saw and maybe the dress that goes with it. Anyway, we went to Carly's house to spend the night there on Saturday and everybody just talked, it was nice. I think everyone got along quite well, which was good, although I want to meet this person who threatened Peter on behalf of David. Another person like me? hmmm... Think of that as you sleep tonight bwahahaha. I must go and finish working on projects.


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I don't know how I did that. Aren't Anarchy and the Green party on opposite ends? I guess it's possible as the green party mostly cares about nature and screw people. Is it good that I'm more Nazi then Republican? I don't know.

You scored as Paganism. Your beliefs are most closely aligned with those of paganism, Wicca, or a similar earth-based religion. You may also follow a Native American religion.



















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Three way tie with Satanism, Buddhism, and Paganism, but I'm somehow more Pagan then the other two, yay!



I am a queen...

...the highway is my kingdom. If you cannot keep up move to the side or be bitch-slapped by my car. I have places to be. I love going to see different places, but hate the actual traveling because I get the urge to kill things with the way some people drive. I mean I may speed, but I'm careful about it and wm aware of everything that I do.
With that said, on to the most incredible weekend I've had in a long time. I went to visit Peter in Athens. Yay! He gave a night tour of campus and we got to ring the bell on Friday. Everybody should do that. I also got to walk through the cemetery. Its broken beauty was a sight I loved and mourned:: sighs:: On Saturday, we went to the international street fest. Awesomeness! The dancers were cool, but we missed the Japanese group perform.

I got this pic of Peter and Puck at the fest. Some guy actually stopped Peter and asked about Puck. Most others just gave us strange looks. After the fest we hung out in Peter's room until Peter went to see if anybody came back and discovered the door unlocked. We were debating have Puck sit in the room and leave, but decided against it. For dinner that day, we went to a place called Locos and split a tuna sandwich, some pasta salad, and a slice of cheesecake with Peter's $10 gift certificate. Not very filling, so Peter went with Randy to the dining hall and snuck out some grilled cheese sandwiches for me. Then we watched t.v. and watched the coolest show with a nun named Sister Wendy, Saturdays at 9 on PBS. I hope she comes on in Statesboro. Then I hung out with Peter and Randy as they did laundry and we watched Headbangers Ball then Wonder Showzen (sp?), which is like Sesame Street on Acid, maybe something stronger. Sunday, Peter and I hung woke up at 9 in the morning so I could get breakfast and lunch for $6. We hung out in the dining hall from 9:30 until 12:00. The he, Carly, and I walked to the cemetery and took some pictures around the area. We cleaned up some of stuff lying around- beer bottles, a rusted wagon and a thing that looked like a bound and gagged person-damn those litterers. (Peter- tell Carly my shoulders aren't burnt but my face will be peeling soon *-*) Before I left, I gave Peter I big hug and he wrapped his legs around my waist as a person in a truck just stared at us. It was an amusing way to end a fun trip. Now, back to the fun of classes!


Had to post this

I think it's amusing. If you are a die-hard bush fan or object to Bible usage to prove something you see as stretching the truth DON'T LOOK. I'm posting this for the people I know will get a kick out of it.
In fact, just to be PC(for once in my life), here's the opposing view: http://www.bushislord.com/index.php (this site gave me a chuckle or two as well). Sadly or interstingly enough, the anticrist site seems to provide more evidence than the lord site.


A short update on my life

Spent spring break with my brother and his family, found a bunch of job applications, did nothing else (due to lack of money). Came back to school and did the normal school stuff. Went home this weekend for a wedding. It rained a lot (seems to do that at every wedding I've ever been to), but it was still nice. I'm going to learn how to make food into animal shapes someday. Anyway, I didn't leave Sunday as I planned because of my parents not wanting me to travel far in the bad weather, so I went to see Ring 2, it was better than the first.


Can't spell manslaughter without laughter!

The title is a quote from a story I was reading about JTHM. On that strange note, my parents came down for family weekend, but my bro and his family couldn't make it::tear::. We didn't do much, but I got the apartment off campus like I wanted. It's so nice! It also means that I'll be getting a job this summer, but not in Columbus, I'm going to North Carolina to help my sis-in-law out when my brother gets shipped over seas. Anyway, after the apartment we went to Savannah and walked along the beach, where I collected a bunch of seashells(I'll turn the ones with natural holes into jewelry). Then we went to the river walk and ate dinner there. That was it. I got my dad a katana for his b-day and won JTHM director's cut on E-bay. I'm spending spring break job hunting at my brother's place with help from the sis-in-law. Have no clue when I'll be back in Columbus as of now, maybe the second weekend in April. LATER


Camping fun

This past weekend was the JAFA camping trip at Magnolia Springs and it had a grand total of 4 accidents. On Friday, Lindsay and I got there around 2:30 and set up our tent. Then we went with 4 other people to collect the first batch of fire wood. When that was done, Lindsay, Jeremy, and I drove to a gas station to get some supplies we forgot. Unfortunately, we forgot matches, so we waited for somebody to come with them. Most of Friday night was spent just having casual conversations until people started going to sleep. It ended up with me, Lindsay, Todd, and Matt singing, Ricky on the cooking pot, and Dusty on the guitar and everybody else a sleep or listening to Ricky bagging on the pot. Everybody but Matt and Ricky(who had 6 cups of black coffee) went to sleep around 3 or 4 in the morning. BTW- Matt hurt himself cutting wood and Jeremy tripped on a fire pit, cutting both shins and breaking a flashlight. And I introduced many people to Puck. Saturday, people woke up between 8 and 11 a group started playing hackey sack, pretty soon everybody there was playing. After we stopped playing, people went hunting for wood. I found a nice looking fallen tree and sent the guys to chop it up(if they want to keep the tools let them work!) Dusty opened a blister while chopping the tree. People went to take a nap except for a few people. This group went to the spring, aquarium, and park, where the swing broke and Dusty fell and probably bruised his tailbone. I took a nap when we got back, woke up and joined everybody. Later in the evening, after everyone had something to eat, a game of "never have I ever" began. I learned more than I wanted to, but it was fun. Once again, it ended up with the same people from Friday. I went to sleep around 4, but barely fell asleep when Lindsay came in the tent and we decided to sleep in the car( it was just too cold!) We woke up around 10:30-11 and put our tent away in the rain, took some pictures and left.

I registered for classes this week and have 13 hours because my other class options have weird times. I don't have any Friday classes (yay! I think). Classes on Monday and Wednesday are from 12 to 4:45, while Tuesdays and Thursdays are for 12:30 to 4:45. My parents are coming down this weekend along with my brother and his family (maybe). Well, I have a paper to work on that's due in two hours.



I wanted to update my blog the day I got back here but certain issues came up. Anyway, the Japanese speech competition was lots of fun. It was great to see so many people again. It's been too long. I wish to do more stuff and see everybody again like that. Peter should have placed, but nothing can be done about that. Umezono was yummy! Peter has some pics on his blog so look there. After Umezono and Tomato, I went with Peter to Athens for the night and met more of his friends. I mostly listened as they talked about things going on in UGA. Everybody went to bed around 1:00, but, except for Peter, nobody fell asleep for awhile because of random conversations. Anyway, woke up at 7:30 because an alarm went off and I got to watch as Peter was stepped on. Peter and I then went to his room to talk and find directions to get me back to GS. I ended up leaving at about 9:30- 10:00, but got lost a couple of times, so I didn't make it back until 12:50 or so. I did not even put my stuff down when a girl I know asked me to go have lunch with her. She chose Checkers, vegetarians paradise::rolls eyes::, so I went for the ride. At Checkers, this girl left her keys in the ignition, the windows open, and the doors unlocked. On the way back, she drove on the wrong side of the road and we almost died. I came back to find Katie in the room, sick as a dog, but not hangover sick, flu sick. After that I got a couple of phone calls, fell asleep, woke up, chatted, then fell back asleep.
Monday, my English lab was cancelled, so I went to have dinner with Lindsay. She told me about different role playing games on the net, so I followed her back to her room and she showed me what goes on in them. Tuesday, Lindsay and I took a walking tour of the campus where we went to the museum and the Wildlife center, to talk to one of her teachers, and to English class, which was cancelled. Then we went to Walmart for camping supplies, to a JAFA meeting, then I went and hung out in Lindsay's dorm. Also on Tuesday, I went to check out some apartments that are really nice and cheaper than some of the dorms on campus. I talked to my mom about it and we basically got into an argument via AIM because she tried to make certain points without knowing all the details. So Wednesday I got a copy of the lease so that she could see it. Also on Wednesday, Lindsay and I went movie hunting First in Blockbuster, where the dude kept following us and asking if he could help with anything, then to Movie Gallery, where Big Daddy Wolf(or something like that) convinced us to help him put away videos, we got stuff for it. Then we went and ate ice cream at Carvels(yummy) and back to Lindsay's dorm to watch SAW. Tomorrow is the JAFA camping trip. YAY!
By the way, Lindsay has her own
blog, which I said before, but she got mad because I didn't say anything about her::shrugs::. Well, she's just as insane as I am, but cool. She loves Mad, Mad House and other reality shows. She's in chorus, in love with Erik, the Phantom of the Opera and has a creation named Muse. Anything else, she can add to the comment box, so check there.


Work and Play

The Explore Japan Program last Tuesday was a big success in my opinion. I ended up taking over the language section- it was me and another girl who the kids could barely hear- but it was lots of fun. I didn't think it would go that well after the disaster of a rehearsal. Anyway, I also did room selection on Thursday and got my first choice. I also pissed some people off because I moved straight to the front of the line, but that's what they get for being so determined to have a certain roommate. After the Geology test on Friday I hopped in my car to go home, but was only home for about and 2 hours (1 hour was spent running errands) before I had to get in the car again for a 6 hour drive to Orlando, Florida.
This past Saturday was spent at Sea World and a luau. You can see the pic here. If it asks for a username and password use ivetheimp@hotmail.com and fluffy. It sometimes wants to be a bitch to me. Special note: I don't like taking pics of people, especially when they pose, so these are all of various animals. My battery died before the luau(it sucked, so it didn't matter) so no pics there either. We returned home Sunday- by the end of the drive, I was ready to put my dad in a sleeper hold, can't stand when people continuously change radio stations .
All in all, I'm sick of the car for the week, but will be ready to drive by the weekend. By the way, I found more dolls like Puck, the site is in Spanish(the dolls are from Spain), but the names are basically the same.
Edit: My sis-in-law is pregnant w/ kid #2


Busy funness

I may have only 12 hours this semester, it feels like I'm going to be even busier than last semester. This Tuesday, I'm involved in a program for second graders to teach them about Japanese culture. Then there's room selection, Japanese speech competition(Go Peter and Junior!!), a camping trip, and the Renaissance Festival. Along with tests, essays, homework, trips to see my nephew and new cousin, another cousin's graduation, new tattoos and maybe piercings, I'm very excited.


More Pictures!!

My cousin, Andrea Alexandra. They only bought her yellow and pink stuff. Poor Baby.

My brother, Rob.

My sister-in-law, Jenna, w/ my brother, Rob in the background

This is my nephew

I am working on posting pictures of the rest of my family. Bare with me, I'm not computer-literate.


Who am I?

I have to write an introductory letter for my English professor and one of the questions to answer is what do I feel makes me "ME," but I don't know me. Well I know me, but I hide from myself so much that I don't know the real me anymore or how to figure me out. On that confusing note, I'll do an update of my life.
Christmas and New Years came and went and I am back in school, but doing only 12 hours because the work load in the classes I have will be bigger than last semester. I went home for MLK weekend because there is neither an air conditioner nor a heater in the dorms until the weather stabilizes. At home, I went to the movies to see Elektra(a disappointment) and did nothing else really. Starting tomorrow, I am going to a pilates class every other day because I have nothing else to do.
That's everything, maybe one day I will type the weirdness that happened at the dorm during the last semester. LATER.