Political Statement

For the past few days, some jackass has been erasing my Samhain count down and removing Katie's Bush bumper sticker(don't like Bush, but it's still wrong) from the door. I got sick of it today and have duck taped everything to my door, including the part of the Bill of Rights that says stuff about freedom of religion and speech. I'm also working on a larger sign to count down to Samhain. Others are duck taping things to their doors too. Unless the person knows four different schedules, nothings coming down (I'm working on other holidays).
Anyway, onto my Halloween costume- I'm wearing a skirt, a pretty shirt, knee high platform boots, fangs, horns, and a cloak. The cloak had one of those stupid string-ties, so I replaced it with one made of hematite. It's all black or silver.
A few days ago, a girl calling me retarded because I wasn't a Christian. Me and her had a talk. We understand each other now, and are becoming close friends, it’s nice. She still worries about me sometimes, but that's for different reasons (I'm special!!) ;P


Kalan said...

Cool costume idea. You need to post a pic. In fact, everyone needs to dress up for Halloween and post pics. :) I am going to be Satan. I bought a new pair of horns (small white ones that stick on with spirit gum) and I am going to wear my suit with a black shirt, a white tie, and I am getting a new cane this weekend to go with it. (it will be a sword cane of course) I should have just posted on my blog, this is too long to qualify as a comment. I am going to shut up now. Really, I am. I will now slowly walk away from the key board. Slowly. Ever so slowly. Agh! *trips over cat and hits publish*

Peter said...

Heheheh, just do like me... whenever you have stuff that you want to post, cover it in packaging tape or something! ... They'll really have to try hard to take the damned thign down by then, and if you're in your room at the moment, you'll hear them and catch them. Yay!
I'm excited to see pictures of your costume!!! I'm doing drag this Friday for a contest, so I'll be sure to post pictures for you to see ^_^ ... I'm still not sure about my Halloween costume.