A promise barely kept

Twice in one month, getting better. Next month, 3 updates! Anyway, I'm back in school. Classes are good. Long because they're only once a week, but good. I'm making a different bottom for renfest, out of tiger fur(fake of course). I need to e-mail people to get people to agree on a date for it and reservations for wherever we want to stay. Miss Information won't be fully in until Feb. Who am I kidding? Renfest is April 15-June 4 and all memorial day weekend from 10:30-6. The group tickets aren't up yet, but they have a downloadable coupon for $2 off. I think it would be fun and cheaper if a big crowd goes to camp out. I need new horns(maybe), a tail(definitely), and a top(maybe). Here's the entertainment schedule. Any questions, comments, or issues, you know how to find me. With that out, onto other things, but not today. LATER.

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