Not only am i free, i annoyed a therapist to the point she said "enough, i'm not playing these games, i'm canceling your sessions goodbye." the thing is i was never playing with her, in fact i was so serious with her i didn't know what to say, so i was a little insulted by the game thing, she just can't handle silence, she's normal. i'll start at the beginning. i went in and asked her,"why am i here by myself? why aren't there more sessions with me and my parents or just them by themselves?" she somehow took it to mean i was insulting her way of doing things and about kicked me out then, so i had to rephrase the question, being a bit more sensitive to her feelings. then, when she wanted to get started, i had nothing to talk about. she asked me questions that i thought were retorical, so i asked her one or two back("do you have problems?") so she said she's not playing and said that it was against her recommendation, but she's canceling. i was shocked at first, then she asked her final question, "are you suicidal?" I was never so happy to be out of a place, however my mom just called a couple of minutes ago asking what happens which means that bitch waited till i left to call her in addition to mailing out a letter. i'm not going back!!!!!!!!!!!

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i'll do the other two from peter's site later. i have to make dinner.
Blessed be!!!!!!!!!!!!!Peace!

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