I’m back from the trip to my brother’s house. I’ll start off with the bad stuff. My brother, robby, had either a stomach virus or the first stages of appendicitis, whichever he was sick as a dog. He still went places with us and he was cool for a few hours on Saturday. Anyway, after leaving his house, my dad drove and my mom and I fell asleep. When we woke up we were a couple of hours away from Savannah. He wanted to go to the beach, no prob. We get there and discover that no dogs were allowed on the beach. poor fluffy, she’s never seen the ocean*tear*. So we drive back to Columbus and get lost. Instead of making a right, my dad goes straight, then instead of admitting he was wrong and making a U-turn, he says “I’ve been through here before.” It was Butler, but we discovered that there was another way home by going through Buena Vista and Cusseta, only after my dad did a U-turn to go through a different road, but he couldn’t the same motion a half an hour before. Instead of getting home at 2:00, we got home at 8:00.
Now for the good stuff. My brother took the family to the mall, where I got to go into a hot topic, a nice size one, bigger than what’s gonna be a Peachtree. After that my brother pointed me to Walden books, better than the one at Peachtree. On the second floor on this Walden books was a wall of manga in English for one complete wall and spanish on the other. They had Fake 1-6, Demon Diary 1-6, Pet Shop of Horrors 1-5, Confidential Confessions 1-3 and Gravitation 1-4. I only had enough time to read Gravitation and Demon Diary. Shuichi cross dresses in Gravitation, but that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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