A wierd update

A few entrees back(6/16 I think) I talked about a wierd dream taking place in the airport. Well it continued this morning( I fell asleep at 1:00). We went to France, and were playing around in an old house with chipping white paint and two or three floors. Everybody was there except lauren( don't know why, maybe an exception). We're going through the hall on the top floor. In one room Ashely( yes Ashely, from Japanese class) is sitting down playing a game with some people and Peter was like "that bitch , she got us in trouble last time." We almost weren't allowed to go on this trip because of what was going on in the room at the airport. Anyway, we went passed them into another room which was dark and creepy then into a room that was empty. Geimer was walking around with a cane that had a jewel on it(pimp cane?) and a game started with everybody stealing the cane from who ever had it. There was something about the room that made everybody strangely happy( Kalan and Quita were skipping). Something bad happened. A moment of great happiness then sudden and great pain. Sounds like a prediction, doesn't it? Not as good as Ms. Cleo,  but just as vague. LATER.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this, but I would never skip. No way. No how.

Peter said...

That makes me wonder what's going to happen to the Japanese class in the future... ::sigh:: ... I miss them so much. Those damned kids.