Damn it

My dad took my mom to the hospital at 10. He called me a half an hour ago to say that they are keeping her in the hospital for 24-48 hours. She was doing fine when I saw her at work, but she came home in pain. I'm sure most people have either seen or felt the pain I saw in her eyes. We've had a lot of issues with each other, a lot of issues, but she's my mom and I feel like I'm watching her fall apart. She's already needed her gallbladder removed and has had to go to the doctors every month for the past year at least.
Can't help but scream that this is bullshit. She took care of herself and lived a decently healthy life, while people who never gave a crap about their health have a clean bill. I know life isn't fair and all that crap, but it's not just her. My dad's been on pain medicine for years, which increases and decreases with the season, and has a metal rod in his neck. He's been going to the doctors more recently with feet and leg issues. My bro's has been going to the doctor a lot lately as well. He got a mysterious illness that the doctors say he shouldn't get at his age and they're worried it may sterilize him. In addition to his issues at home, his sis called at 2 in the morning and say that mom is in the hospital. He would've been pissed if I waited until morning and told him this started last night. I feel the same way, and am glad I'm home so I didn't have to get the call from dad while hours away. Still got a call, but it was to research possible conditions(wish I didn't, it set me more on edge).
The dog is still on steriods and antibiotics. I have to take her to the doctor sometime next week to see if she needs a refill.
No sleep for the Rodriguez family tonight. Maybe with all of this off my chest, rest will come. It's amazing how things can work in 12 hours. I'm suppose to go to work my last day tomorrow, but I don't feel up to it anymore.

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Peter said...

I'm wishing you and your family the best.