Paranoia revealed

It's been an eventful day today, starting with midnight. I was brushing Fluffy because of boredom and looked at her stomach to see a strange lump, a weird patch of scabby skin, and bald spot. It was really scary to see and feel and, since it was midnight, I couldn't talk to anybody. I cleaned it up and decided to take her to the vets on Monday. She turned ten in October and I'm paranoid about her health, more so than even my own at times. Anything to keep the pup healthy.
Some good news came this morning, before my dad took me to see 300(which was really cool despite some inaccuracies that few would notice). My bro and his family plan on coming down in April, so I can finish my tattoo. I want to have it over with so bad and started on another, though I don't think my bro will be doing it. Maybe if it's small and a guarantee one shot deal. He also plans on renewing the wedding vows in June '08 on a beach in Destin. The scary thing is that his wife wants me to be the maid of honor. I don't even know what comes with the job. Do I have to do a "bachelorette party" since this is vow renewal? Do I have to do a speech? Oh gods, what do I say if this is so? What kind of dress will she pick? I know the color, it's going to be a black dress, but not the style. I hope she takes the advice I gave her seriously because I hold a mutiny if she picks a useless and ugly dress.


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