I hate Christmas oh so much! It always leaves me feeling lonely and a materialistic bitch. I barely got one thing that I wanted, a 4 item list and the one thing they tried to get is useless at the moment. I put clothes on my damn list, no clothes this year. The night before X-mas Eve I was up till 3 in the morning baking and cleaning. I tried to do a new choco-chip cookie recipe, they came out flat w/ the choco-chips in the center, man they teased me for it. "She usually does so good," said my mom," They look like Fluffy's puke." Everybody ate the puke-looking mush, dubbed cookie mush, in fact it was the most popular dessert of the four I made. That didn't stop them from bugging me about it and asking what happen like I've baked perfectly from the very first time i put something in the oven.

Why else should I hate X-mas? it comes and everything is built up to it for months, then at midnight, it disappears and, w/my family, everybody goes their way like it never really happened. anybody know how deppressing it is to sit amonst torn up wrapping paper alone in a room wondering where everybody went or if some one will play the new game with you or get yelled at to clean the house the very same day? that's me most years. well i hope my thoughts haven't brought any of the few who read this blog down( and i know very few people do). if so, forget you read it and enjoy the holiday.

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