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Topic: Family Love

Hey everybody! Day 3 out of school with ear infection. Tried to go to school as my parents wished, didn't make it to first block. Unfortunately for them, I have friends that give a damn. Unfortunately for me, my parents yelled at me, saying never to read the side effects, that the entire family has taken the same medicine without problems, blah, blah, blah. Bullshit! Only one of the drugs has been taken by the others(Motrin) and the other two are specifically for the ear (me and my cousin are thee only two that get ear infections, and she's too young to get such stuff) My mom, the great hypocrite that she is, told me yesterday to have something light with the medicine, yogurt or milk. Today, she comes in yelling saying "my way" isn't working and to eat toast or something heavy. They're sending me to school tomorrow and I better not call them, unless it's the nurse saying I need an ambulance. I can honestly say I don't like my parents.
Anyway, a quick review of the past week, thus far: went shopping on Sat. found a black velvet and satin suit: $100, the girl of the hour(my friend, Tanya) couldn't find an outfit for homecoming, her skinnier friends, every outfit they tried on was perfect and they already had stuff to wear, (bitches!). Sunday: studied w/ Oreo and J, total time w/ them: 4 hours, studying done: ½ hour to 1 hour. Monday: Writhing in pain, 'nuff said; Tuesday: doctor for drugs; Wednesday: You already know. Missed tests and reviews and extra credit and club meetings(I can't go to Tokyo *tear *) Being absent sucks.
Finally, I would like say "I luv U, Oreo," for giving me the notes missed. Sorry to say this, but my computer won't open APES stuff, something about a virus. I would also like to apologize to Peter and Anna(Iheard the meeting didn't go well yesterday, next time slap them with a ruler, consider it a cultural experience of the Japanese schools)

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