Mood: Happy
Topic: Japan Fest!!!

Today I got to go to Stone Mountain's Japan Fest with a big group of Japan club members. Despite the annoyances of those that will remain nameless and the fact that most of the stuff was sold, it was a great trip. I got to spend two hours talking to and reading manga with Peter(We really just looked at the pictures and guessed meanings and symbolisms). If only all trips would be so grand. Anyway, I walked around the little vendors and got some free stuff(Peter= the fudge shop was giving free sample when I got the funnel cake, pumpkin pie was delicious). I bought some stuff, two of which were out of curiosity, but so worth it. The other item was a fan for a friend, Jamie, I wish she could've come. The other part of the time, Peter and I just walked around and talked since we don't see each other anymore, then we ate. The teriaki chicken and rice was great, but the salad couldn't be trusted. Peter tried to win CD's with Ashley, but better guessers were in the crowd, so nobody in the group won anything. The song guessing ended and everybody had to return to the bus, but late people caused us to be late getting back to Columbus. I gave Ashley a ride home, then went home, just to be forced to clean the house before I got the second foot in the door, but nothing can destroy my happiness when I have the magical Hello Kitty Bubble Maker.

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