I've got the shakes from too much coffee

I just finished my first day of training at a coffee shop. They had us try everything made then practice making our own things and drink them, so I've got a wee coffee buzz. I also made some italian cream soda and regular italian soda and rice crispy treats and muffins and cookies and 1 sandwich. The owner people said that we had to at least taste everything so we have a valid opinion of stuff. Tomorrow is the baking practice and Friday is cleaning and review. Then I start working for real on Saturday. Anybody in the Columbus area can come to the family and friends night on Saturday from 6pm to 8, free samples of food and drink.
My nephews have been here for several days and totally screwed up everybody's sleep schedule. They started screaming at 2 in the morning, but everbody is having fun with them. Chocolate, my sis-in-law's dog, has a key phobia because my dad threw a couple of sets near his head.He wasn't aiming for the head, but the floor to teach Chocolate to not go into certain areas.

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